AEW Salary List Of The Highest Paid All Elite Wrestling Wrestlers And Their Contract 2022

AEW Salary List Of The Highest Paid All Elite Wrestling Wrestlers And Their Contract 2022

Ever since the inception of AEW back in 2019, it has been slowly rising up the ranks and has become a popular and respected name, know the salary list for 2022

The company is slow but has been successful in bringing the mettle back into the wrestling scenario that has been missing for quite a while. AEW has succeeded in attracting the names of the favorite from the wrestling industry like Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley (Formerly known as Dean Ambrose), and Matt Hardy.

It has played a critical role in the return of CM Punk in the wrestling world. Though the wrestlers of AEW don’t earn as the amount and level of some of the WWE superstars, they still get a considerable amount of income. Let’s have a look at the list of the 8 highest-paid AEW wrestlers.

AEW Salary List Of Highest Paid AEW 2022

  1. Jon Moxley

Salary: $ 6 million

Previously known as Dean Ambrose in the WWE, this superstar has managed to seal. However, Moxley was not happy with his image and character management by the company. Moxley is currently one of the biggest celebrities in the company, but also has the freedom of wrestling in the independent circuit. The superstar earns a sum of $6 million annually and is the highest-paid wrestler of AEW.

  1. Chris Jericho

Salary: $ 3 million

Chris Jericho earns an annual salary of $3 million and is another in the list of one of the highest-paid wrestlers in AEW. He too previously signed up with the WWE. He has also worked with promotions such as ECW, WCW, and NJPW. Surprisingly, Jericho is also a popular name in the music industry as he is a member of the American heavy metal band Fozzy. To someone’s surprise, his current AEW theme was created by the band only.

  1. Kenny Omega

Salary: $ 3 million

Kenny Omega is a household name in indie wrestling who has never signed up with WWE. He was popularly known for his tenure at the New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) where he has several titles including the IWGP Heavyweight Championship to his name. He was also a part of the Bullet Club stable and, several wrestling promotions on the independent circuit. The former AEW World champion is also the executive vice president of AEW alongside Cody Rhodes and earns an annual salary is $3 million.

  1. Cody Rhodes

Salary: $ 3 million

Cody Rhodes is another one of the highest-paid wrestlers in AEW competing with Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega with an amount of $3 million. He was formerly associated with WWE where he has clinched two-time Intercontinental Champion. Rhodes has also teamed up with his brother Dustin Rhodes quite a number of times in WWE. He is now the executive vice president for AEW while also performing for the brand.

  1. Brandi Rhodes

Salary: $ 2 million

Brandi Rhodes, the wife of the executive vice president of AEW, also serves as the promotion’s Chief Brand Officer. She earns a salary of $2 million. Brandi began her career with WWE in the FCW territory. She has also worked as an announcer for the promotion with the name Eden Stiles. She has also been a part of the team working with the promotions like Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and World Wonder Ring Stardom.

  1. Dustin Rhodes

Salary: $ 2 million

Dustin Rhodes, another of the Rhodes brother has also joined the rest of the family in AEW. He was previously linked with WWE. Now; he is one of the highest-paid AEW wrestlers. He previously trained under the moniker of Goldust and was very famous amongst WWE fans at one point in time where he won over 15 championships.

  1. Nyla Rose

Salary: $ 2 million

Nyla Rose was an American independent circuit wrestler from 2013 to 2019.. Nyla Rose became the first transgender woman to have a world title in a major American promotion with AEW to her name. Nyla has also starred in the 2016 TV series, The Switch.

  1. Lucha Bros

Salary: $2 Million

Earning a salary of $ 2 Million, Lucha Bros is one of the highest-paid wrestlers of AEW. The Lucha Brothers – Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix has wrestled in Impact Wrestling before where they were named the World Tag Team Championship. The duo has also wrestled in the independent circuit in Major League Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and The Crash.

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