Who is Janneke Schopman India women’s hockey coach, biography, age, husband, nationality and salary

Who is Janneke Schopman India women’s hockey coach, biography, age, husband, nationality and salary

Here is all you need to know about former field hockey player and Indian women’s hockey coach Janneke Schopman including her age, husband and nationality

Coach of the Indian women’s hockey team Janneke Schopman has taken aim at Hockey India for what she feels is unfair treatment of the men’s squad, claiming that she doesn’t feel “valued and respected” by her employers.

Who is Janneke Schopman India women’s hockey coach, biography, age, husband, nationality, salary

After India lost 2-1 to the USA in their last game of the Rourkela leg of the FIH Hockey Pro League 2023–24, the Dutch coach made some grave accusations against the board in an interview. In reference to dealing with Hockey India officials, Schopman, as per The Indian Express stated:

Very hard, very hard. Because, you know, I come from a culture where women are respected and valued. I don’t feel that here.”

Regarding her future with the team, she stated:

Maybe, despite the fact that I know it’s tough. But like I said, I love the girls and I see so much potential. But it is very hard for me as an individual.”

Who is Janneke Schopman?

Former Dutch hockey player Johanna Dorotheo Maria Schopman was born on April 26, 1977 in Harleem, Netherlands. The 46-year-old stands 1.68 m (5 ft 6 in). She currently leads the Indian women’s hockey team as their head coach. Her marital status isn’t known.


Schopman, 46, was seeking a salary at par with the men’s team head coach Craig Fulton who is being paid $18,724 monthly as coach of the men’s hockey national team.

A look at Janneke Schopman’s career

Janneke represented both the Netherlands national team and Dutch club HC Den Bosch as a defender. She is the head coach of the Indian women’s national hockey team.

After winning an Olympic gold medal with the Netherlands team in 2008, Schopman joined the squad in 2020 as an analytical coach. Following the Tokyo Olympics, in 2021, he was appointed as the team’s chief coach.


Following her retirement from professional hockey in 2010, Schopman took on the role of head coach for the Dutch club SCHC’s women’s team. The team made its debut in the Hoofdklasse final in 2014, the highest league in the Netherlands, under her direction.


Taking over as head coach of the U21 US Women’s National Team and assistant coach to Craig Parnham, Schopman was given these roles in 2014. She took over as head coach of the US Women’s National Team in January 2017. Under Schopman’s leadership, the team placed third in the Lancaster, USA, Pan American Cup of 2017 and 14th in the London, UK, World Cup of 2018.

Schopman’s time is running out since, despite the team’s inability to qualify for the Olympics in Paris, her contract expires in July of this year, and it seems unlikely that she would receive an extension.


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