FIH Men’s Hockey5s World Cup 2024 rules, format, scoring, number of players and pitch size

FIH Men’s Hockey5s World Cup 2024 rules, format, scoring, number of players and pitch size

Have a look at the rules and regulations of FIH Men’s Hockey5s World Cup 2024 

Hockey is shortened into Hockey5s, which offers players a speedier game with some innovative regulations.

FIH Men’s Hockey5s World Cup 2024 rules, format, scoring, number of players and pitch size explained

In the hockey discipline, the FIH Hockey5s Men’s World Cup 2024 marks the debut of the Hockey5s format. The competition takes place in Muscat, Oman, from January 28 to January 31. The event is formally organised by the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

Meanwhile, in the shorter version, it is not permitted for a team to field more than five players, including the goalkeeper, on a court that is larger than 55m by 42m or smaller than 40m by 28m.

Even though Hockey5s isn’t a part of a major tournament like the Olympics or the Asian Games, the game’s modern style is certain to generate interest after its debut at the World Cup. What are the rules and regulations for the shorter version?

The court, half the size of the normal court

The size of a typical hockey court is about half that of a Hockey5s court. 40m by 28m is the least possible size, while 55m by 42m is the biggest. The goalpost is 2.14 metres in height and 3.66 metres in length.



To outsmart their rival, a team must score more goals. In contrast to hockey, where players are only permitted to score from the Dee, in Hockey5s, players can strike the ball from any anywhere on the court.

Number of players

A Hockey5s team comprises five players on the pitch, one of them is the goalkeeper. For the duration of the game, each team is allowed to utilise up to four substitutions.


Match time

A Hockey5s game lasts thirty minutes, with fifteen minutes for each half. Every team has a two-minute break in between the two halves. If there is a draw within the allotted time, the game is either deemed to be a draw or is decided via penalty shootouts.

Boundary Boards

Outside the bigger area of the rectangular field are the boundary boards. Hockey gives possession to the opposition when the ball crosses the sidelines. Nevertheless, unless the ball clears the boundary boards, the Hockey5s round continues. There are therefore fewer stoppage times in the game.


When Dee and the striking circle are absent from the Hockey5s, no penalty corners are given. Rather, a challenge is given to the opposition if a player commits a foul.


An attacking team is entitled to a challenge when a defender fouls by preventing a clear opportunity for a goal. During the challenge, only the opposing goalkeeper and one attacking player may be within the half. A goal is awarded to the attacker’s team if they are able to find the back of the net during the challenge.

A defender stepping on the goal line or a goalkeeper intentionally trying to foul an attacking player can also result in a penalty kick being given to the attacking team.

Cards sanctioned

  • Green Card: One-minute suspension off the field.
  • Yellow Card: A player is benched for two minutes.
  • Red Card: Player will be sidelined for the remainder of the game.


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