American Ice Football Germany 2024 rules, format, venue, teams roster and players list

American Ice Football Germany 2024 rules, format, venue, teams roster and players list

Check out all about American Ice Football Germany 2024 including its rules, teams and more 

A highlight video of football being played on ice in Germany has gone viral, suggesting that Americans may have discovered their new favourite sport.

American Ice Football Germany 2024 rules, format, venue, all teams roster and players list

A tournament consisting of four teams was organised in Germany two weeks before Super Bowl LVIII. The participants were former American Rules Football players, celebrities, hockey players, and other athletes from all over Germany.

American Ice football rules

With its ice rink layout, the rink has a striking resemblance to an Arena Football pitch. Players can use the walls along the side of the ‘field’ that are still in place when transporting the ball.

The films appear to indicate that conventional Arena League Football regulations apply, but with eight players from each team playing at once on the ice.


Every year, the ice football competition has four teams vying for the championship. There are 32 Ice Football players, and each team consists of eight players.

On mirror-smooth ice, the teams will play against one another. Players will wear bowling shoes without a profile during every match. This heightens the suspense because spectators will see a number of celebrities fall off the ice. The “captain” of each squad is also a current German American football player.

Who are playing at the American Ice football?

Popular names including former athletes, American football players, and even celebrities are on the list.


Northcoast Naughties

  • Ailton (former football player)
  • Marco Cerullo (model and reality star)
  • Moritz Fürste (ex-hockey player)
  • Paco Herb (reality star)
  • Pascal Hens (ex-handball player)
  • Niklas Gorny (German football player)

Eastie Boys

  • Eric Stehfest (actor, GZSZ)
  • Evil Jared (musician, Bloodhound Gang)
  • Felix van Deventer (actor, GZSZ)
  • Henrik Scharnbacher (German football player)
  • Kevin Kuske (ex-bobsledder)
  • Philip Boy (ex-gymnast)

Southcoast Smoothies

  • Adriano Salvaggio (reality star)
  • Frank Stabler (ex-wrestler)
  • Ian Gehrke (German football player)
  • Marcel Nguyen (ex-artistic gymnast)
  • Mimi Kraus (ex-handball player)
  • Serkan Yavuz (reality star)
  • Stefan Mross (pop star)

Westside Wessis

  • Alexander Haupert (German football player)
  • Axel Stein (actor and comedian)
  • Calvin Kleinen (rapper and reality star)
  • Fabian Hambüchen (ex-gymnast)
  • Kevin Großkreutz (ex-national soccer player)
  • Thorsten Legat (ex-footballer)
  • Tobias Wegener (reality star)