Who is Marina Yankina close aide of Vladimir Putin found dead, her cause of death and husband

Who is Marina Yankina close aide of Vladimir Putin found dead, her cause of death and husband

Marina Yankina, who ran the financial support department for the Russian Ministry of Defense, died Wednesday in St Petersburg after falling 16 stories, know her cause of death

She had turned 58.

Who is Marina Yankina close aide of Vladimir Putin found dead, her age, cause of death and husband

Local news reports say that Yankina’s body was found on the pavement of a residential complex in the Kalininsky area by a bystander. On a balcony, her things and important papers were found. Authorities are looking into what happened before she died, but early reports suggest that she killed herself.

Who was Marina Yankina? What was her role in Russian military? 

Marina Yankina was an important part of how Russia paid for its military offensive in Ukraine, which started on February 24 of last year. She ran the department in charge of money for one of Russia’s five geographical battalions, the Western Military District. Yankina worked in the Federal Tax Service and as the Deputy Chairman of St. Petersburg’s Property Relations Committee before she joined the Western Military District.

Yankina’s death comes after Russian General Major General Vladimir Makarov, who had just been fired by President Vladimir Putin, was said to have killed himself. The two things have made people wonder how they died and if they had anything to do with Putin’s inner circle.

Yankina had close ties with Vladimir Putin

Marina Yankina was known for her close relationship with Putin, and she played a key role in getting money for Russia’s military operations in Ukraine. Her job gave her control over how money was given to military units, so she made sure that soldiers had everything they needed to keep up the offensive.


Yankina’s death is still not fully understood, and investigations are still going on. The Russian government hasn’t said anything official about what happened.


The situation has become clearer, though, thanks to Yankina’s ex-husband. Mash on Moika said that Yankina called him right before she died and told him what she was going to do and where she was going to leave her things. She told him to call the police as well. She was found dead a few minutes after that.

What could death of Marina Yankina mean for Russia?

The death of Marina Yankina has shocked Russia and made people worry about the stability of Putin’s government. Some people think that her death might have something to do with the recent firing of Makarov, who was also said to have killed himself. Makarov was a respected military leader, and the Russian military has lost a lot with his death.

Because the two deaths happened so close together, people are wondering if they were related and if there is more to the story than what is being said. Yankina’s death is still being looked into, and Russian authorities should have more information in the next few days.


Yankina’s death is a big loss for the Russian Defense Ministry and a blow to Putin’s inner circle. As investigations go on, the whole world will be watching to see what new information comes out and what it might mean for Russia and its leaders in the future.

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