Who is Xisco Serra as bodybuilder passes away, cause of death, bio, age, wife, gym and Instagram

Who is Xisco Serra as bodybuilder passes away, cause of death, bio, age, wife, gym and Instagram

Have a look at the cause of death and age of bodybuilder Xisco Serra

Majorcan bodybuilder Xisco Serra has died at the age of 50 after battling cancer and surviving a life-threatening peritonitis.

Serra reportedly passed away from natural causes following stomach problems, eight years after his initial cancer diagnosis. Well-known and loved in the bodybuilding community both domestically and internationally, Serra’s career spanned over three decades.

Who is Xisco Serra as bodybuilder passes away, cause of death, bio, age, family, wife, gym and Instagram

In his latest social media post, where he wore skimpy black trunks, he encouraged his fans to “Work your Dreams,” adding, “This is a phrase that undoubtedly represents me since I can remember.”

Tributes Poured In

Following news of his death, tributes poured in online. One fan wrote, “RIP coach, may the good lord welcome you with open arms.”

Xisco Serra’s Cancer Struggle

In 2016, Serra’s world was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with skin cancer. Reflecting on his ordeal, he said, “After months of tests, surgeries, and medication that stripped away my bodybuilder physique, this is my toughest battle.”

He further added, “Although there are moments when you think about giving up, you want to be strong to overcome all the physical and mental challenges.”


He continued, “Everything in life happens for a reason. It was necessary for an illness to make me view life and my future from a different perspective. Despite my insistence, part of the machinery failed, and I had to prioritize my recovery.”

Xisco Serra Wife & Children

Just a year after his cancer diagnosis, Serra suffered from acute peritonitis, a severe bacterial infection causing inflammation of the abdominal lining. The condition can be fatal if untreated, but Serra survived.

In August 2018, Serra welcomed his daughter Maria, calling it the moment that made him feel “the luckiest human being alive.” He is survived by his five-year-old daughter and his wife.

His Canadian-born wife Mariza Luis confirmed the news of his death.


Xisco Serra Instagram

Serra frequently showcased his physique on Instagram, documenting his bodybuilding journey and offering advice to hundreds of athletes.

He also owned the XS Fitness Center in his hometown of Alcudia. Days before his death, he posted videos of his intense workouts to his more than 28K followers.


Xisco Serra Achievements

Serra began lifting weights at 16 and made his bodybuilding debut in 1994, participating in over 90 contests. His notable achievements include winning Mr. World IBFA in Rome in 2011 and Mr. Universe IBFA in the 40-plus category in 2014.

That same year, he was crowned Musclebeach Champion in Venice, California. After overcoming cancer, he continued competing and was named a champion at the Hercules Olympia contest in Tenerife last year.

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