Watch France vs Germany Euro 2020 Parachute: Paraglider Invades Pitch Before Crashing Into The Stands

Watch France vs Germany Euro 2020 Parachute: Paraglider Invades Pitch Before Crashing Into The Stands

Just before the kickoff in the Euro 2020 Germany vs France match, we witnessed one of the most creative pitch invasions as a parachute crashed into the stanfs

A Greenpeace protestor parachuted into the Allianz Arena just a few minutes before the Kickoff. We have seen in the past, where some fans have attempted to meet their idols on the pitch.

But this pitch invasion was not about coming face to face with his lifelong idol, this invasion was about saving the environment.

Euro 2020 France vs Germany Parachute Paraglider

The message on the parachute read “Kick Out Oil, Greenpeace,” was his little bit to bring the change. He tangled in the spider cam equipment in the descent almost colliding with the crowd in the stands of Allianz Arena avoiding them by just a matter of feet.

Greenpeace’s German Twitter account confirmed that the stunt was a protest against tournament sponsor Volkswagen, demanding an end to the sale of petrol and diesel cars

He was peeled off from the stadium after his successful descent from the sky. Journalist Max Merill tweeted “Can’t believe I just caught this on video. Parachuted into the stadium, got caught in the spider cam, and nearly crashed into the crowd. Hope he’s okay!”


France vs Germany Match Report

This matchup was supposed to be one of the most entertaining matchups in this competition, but the performance from both teams was mediocre.

Despite all the big names on the field, the match lacked intensity, and Germany, in particular, looked more anxious and uncomfortable.

France on the other hand looked more comfortable and sharp coming into the Euros with a World Cup in the bag. They were more enthusiastic and showed more courage going forward.

Both the teams have a deep squad which will certainly be an advantage in this demanding competition with ongoing Covid protocols.


France Scamper Their Way To A 1-0 Win

France consists of a very deep squad with superstars like Mbappe, Benzema, Pogba, Kante, Griezmann, and many others certainly making them strong favorites for this Euro 2020.

The match began with a slow pace as both the teams were testing the waters in the opening minutes not allowing any gaps for the other team to exploit. As the match progressed, French players started growing in the game and began dominating their opponent.

Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante started dictating the play and bossing the midfield. Pogba’s genius broke the deadlock in the 20th minute by finding Lucas Hernandez with some space on the far left, who sent a teasing cross into the box, only to find recovering Mats Hummels, who put the ball into his net.

The game opened up a little bit after the opening goal but Germany failed to produce an equalizer pushing them on the third position in the table just above Hungary who lost to Portugal.

France will now face Hungary on 19th June and Germany will take on Portugal the same day.


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