Best Games On Android: Top Mobile Multiplayer, Offline And Free Android Games

Best Games On Android: Top Mobile Multiplayer, Offline And Free Android Games

Best Games On Android: The games available for mobile devices are no less than the PCs and Console ones. However, the graphics differ but the games are enjoyable. 

However, the games on the list might cost you something and not all of them are free. You can enjoy these games on your android or iOS devices.

Best Games On Android: Best Online, Offline And Free Mobile Games To Download

1. PUBG Mobile

One of the very popular battle royale to play is Player Unknown BattleGrounds a.k.a PUBG. Moreover, the game was launched in 2018 globally and has more than 1 billion downloads. The game is free of cost but it might cost you something if you want to dress up and land on the battlefield.

Furthermore, the game has different maps and modes and classic is the most famous among them. It takes around 30 minutes to complete a classic match where you’ll kill the enemies to win the match.

Although the game is banned in some region, still players enjoy as the servers run.

2. Pokémon Go

Launched back in 2016, the game has more than a billion downloads. Moreover, the game works on augmented reality, which means that the players find pokemon in the real world.

Since the game launched four years back, it maintained the hype because of the consistent and valuable updates and collaborations.

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3. Garena Free Fire

Another battle royale game is very famous because of its quality. Moreover, Freefire doesn’t require high-end devices to run, the main reason for its 450 million downloads.

The game is a battle royale same as PUBG but takes less time to finish a match. However, the collaborations of the game are insane which keeps the audience engaged. So, if you’re a battle royal fan, this must be on your list of best mobile games.

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4. Among Us

Among us is one of the most unique games you can experience on your devices. Although the game was launched in 2018, it saw a rise in 2020, and now has more than 500 million downloads.

A maximum of ten players can play together to find the imposter among them. Furthermore, there are four maps where crewmates are assigned tasks and to identify the imposter.

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5. Call of Duty: Mobile

COD mobile was launched in late 2019 and crossed 300 million downloads in less than a year. Additionally, the game has a battle royale too, but its 5vs5 is very much exciting.

COD Mobile has a huge variety of weapons and skins which excites the audience very much and makes them stick to the game.

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6. Subway Surfers

Back when mobile gaming was not a real thing, there was a game to enjoy and was played by almost everyone. Moreover, Subway surfers have more than 1 billion downloads and its simple game mechanics make the game one of the best mobile games to download.

The players have to collect gold coins while running on three different tracks. Additionally, the game has a huge fan base and is still loved even after 9 years of launch.

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7. PES 2021


Launched back in 2018, the game is one the best available for soccer fans. Although, the game always comes up with the new version ans currently they have 2021. Moreover, the game gives options of several modes like multiplayer or career mode.

PES has more than 300 million downloads and has a huge variety of tournaments. Furthermore, the game is licensed by several teams which make the game more real.

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8. Candy Crush Saga

Candy crush is one of the most played games on mobile phones. Since, the game can run in offline mode, players find it easy and flexible to swap those colors and level up.

Candy Crush was launched in 2012 and has more than 800 million downloads.

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9. Clash of Clans


The game was released back in 2012 and has more than 500 million downloads. Furthermore, the game was developed by Supercell and was at its peak during 2015-17.

The players have to evolve their town by building resources and attacking other’s towns. Moreover, the game takes a lot of time as your town hall and other equipments get upgraded.

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10. Angry Birds

Back when there were only iOS devices with touch screens, the game launched in 2009 and till now it has more than 500 million downloads.

The players have to fire the wingless birds towards the pigs in order to destroy all the pigs. Surely, this was one of the best mobile games and is still played by many.

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