Was Louisa Melcher really the roller skater who fell off NFL Super Bowl stage during Usher’s performance as TikTok video goes viral

Was Louisa Melcher really the roller skater who fell off NFL Super Bowl stage during Usher’s performance as TikTok video goes viral

Louisa Melcher has claimed to be the roller skater who fell off the NFL Super Bowl stage during Usher’s performance

Super Bowl LVIII was electrified by Usher’s remarkable roller skating performance.

Fans were taken aback when the pop star skillfully incorporated roller skates into his act, effortlessly gliding across the stage with only a minor hiccup.

Despite rumors of a mishap involving someone falling off the stage during the roller skating segment, Usher maintained his composure and barely missed a beat.

Was Louisa Melcher really the roller skater who fell off NFL Super Bowl 2024 stage during Usher’s performance as TikTok video goes viral

In one instance captured on camera, a dancer appeared to fall off a pole during Ludacris’ performance. However, some spectators defended the incident, suggesting it was a deliberate maneuver to dismount quickly.


Usher also faced a challenging moment when he smoothly maneuvered on roller skates, only to nearly lose his balance upon standing up. Nevertheless, he regained control and continued with his performance without skipping a beat.

Dancer’s Identity

The rumor regarding a dancer’s fall from the stage lacks video evidence but does involve a real victim. Louisa Melcher, known as @loulouorange on TikTok, asserted that she was the one who fell.

She shared a video showing her bruised and recounted the incident, starting with, “It’s me. I’m the roller skater who fell during Usher’s halftime show.”

What Did Melcher’s Viral TikTok Video Shows?

Displaying a bruised eye and a bandaged hand, Melcher’s narrative was intricate. She disclosed being an actor and commercial dancer, compelled by her agents and managers to select all talents on casting sites.

This led her to accept a last-minute opportunity to perform with Usher on roller skates. The twist? Melcher lacked proficiency in roller skating. Allegedly, she learned overnight and took to the stage at Super Bowl LVIII.

However, the performance ended in a harrowing accident, leaving her battered and bruised. Louisa Melcher’s TikTok video, making a particular claim, has garnered over 22 million views.


Fans Questioning Melcher’s TikTok Video

Subsequently, it was shared on X by a specific account, amassing over 3 million views. Melcher effectively achieved viral status with her narrative. However, questions arise regarding the authenticity of her story.

Some diligent fans conducted investigations and remained unconvinced. One fan pointed out a previous instance where they believed Melcher fabricated another story.

They remarked, “Isn’t that the same individual who concocted that tale about her entire family needing approval from their billionaire grandfather for their inheritance, along with the requirement of abstaining from seeing their fiancé for a year before marriage? They allege she has a penchant for fabricating stories for entertainment.”

Another fan alleged that the bruise around her eye was poorly executed makeup. They expressed, “Can’t you all recognize a botched makeup job?”

Numerous fans requested video evidence, yet none was available. One fan pointed out, “Did anyone notice the absence of video context? Typically, they’d begin a TikTok by showing the incident and then elaborating.”


It’s plausible that the fans are correct and this could be a fabrication. Following the Grammy Awards, Melcher uploaded another video asserting that she was dismissed from her role as a personal assistant to a singer. However, she declined to disclose the singer’s identity in her two-minute narrative. She mostly certainly wasn’t the woman at the Super Bowl with her video only sattire.

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