Google Doodle pani puri game 2023, rules, how to play online, website link and download

Google Doodle pani puri game 2023, rules, how to play online, website link and download

Google Doodle is currently celebrating pani puri today, and interested players can play an interactive game on the search engine, find out how to play, and what exactly is pani puri and its origins and rules

Pani puri is made of crispy deep-fried shells along with a variety of fillings and flavored water.

Google Doodle pani puri game 2023, rules, how to play online, website link, download

Google Doodle introduced the pani puri game on Wednesday, July 12, 2023, to celebrate the achievement of an Indian restaurant called the Indori Zayka and Dainik Bhaskar.

The restaurant made a world record on this same day back in 2015, by serving the most flavors of pani puri with a total of 51 options.


Google Doodle pani puri game how to play

The Google Doodle Pani Puri game is currently available on the search engine until tomorrow, July 13. Interested players can simply start the game by clicking the play button on the top of the art. Player are required to select the food item from the options, that match the customer’s preference. In simple terms, players need to help the vendor serve the customers with the right variants and number of puris.

Players can also select timed or relaxed mode based on their preferences. For example, if the game shows one puri filled with a green filling and two more with red filling, players must select the same number of puris in each flavor.

When players fail to select the right variant of puris, players lose out on the point. The Doodle will then display the next set of puris or close after a few incorrect attempts. Upon the conclusion of the game players will encounter a Play Again option or an option to share your score on social media.

What is Pani puri?

Pani puri is a popular Indian food item, which originated from India. Over the years, the pani puri recipe has spread across international borders and food enthusiasts can find it in most countries worldwide.


Pani Puri is eaten by making a hole on top of the crispy shell. A filling of any choice is added through the hole and it is then dipped in the flavored water before eventually eating it whole in one bite. It should be consumed as soon as the puri and the filling are dipped in the flavored water. This prevents the food from getting soggy and falling apart or leaking.

While this particular manner of eating remains the same across India, the filling and the flavored water varies depending upon the region.

For example, in some India states, the pani puri filling is made of freshly boiled chickpeas and with tangy water. Meanwhile, some other states have mashed potatoes and flavored water made of freshly ground spices and chilies.

Pani puri origins

According to studies, Pani Puri originated from Northern India. From there, the tasty food item eventually spread to the rest of the country as people migrated between different regions. Historians have traced the roots of the popular food item back to ancient times. However, it became popular only around the 20th century.

Pani puri is currently one of the most reasonably priced and popular street foods among the Indian population. Due to its popularity and high demand, several renowned restaurants have started to include it in their menus. Pani puri is also known by different names such as paani patashi, fulki, phuchka, god gappa, and pakodi.


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