How To Play Aviator Game | Playing & Winning Strategies For Beginners

How To Play Aviator Game | Playing & Winning Strategies For Beginners

The Aviator online game has become one of the most popular games in the online casino world and its popularity continues to grow

If you are here, you probably are a beginner and want to learn how to play aviator game. You have come to the right place as we will be sharing in detail about the ways to play, strategies, and other key components to help you ace in the game.

What Is Aviator Game? Brief Overview

Aviator Game is one of the most popular online casino games where you earn by placing a bet before the virtual flight takes off and cashing out the bet amount before the aircraft completely flies away off – screen. You earn on your bet based on the multiplier amount that increases as the plane keeps flying. The game was launched in the year 2019 and has been a hit among the online casino players ever since.

How To Play Aviator Game Online?

Playing Aviator online game is like a child’s play. Here’s a quick point on how to play Aviator game online:

  • Set your bet amount within the countdown time that will be shown on the screen.
  • Tap on the ‘Bet’ button before the countdown ends.
  • Once the plane flies, the multiplier will increase.
  • Tap on the “Cash Out” button before the plane completely flies away.
  • The winning amount will be deposited into your casino account.

You can withdraw the winning amount whenever you want and it will be credited to your bank account. Now, that is not all. There are certain other features that you need to understand in detail before you can jump straight into the game. Let’s get into the details on the Aviator functions:

Placing Bets on Aviator

Put the desired amount in the bet box and click on “Bet”. The bet should be placed before the 10 second countdown ends. Once the countdown is over, you will notice a plane take off, and the multiplier on your screen will increase gradually by 0.1x until the plane flies away. You can place two different bets at the same time as well. Also, know that the colors of multipliers in Aviator represent different ranges:

Blue: 1 – 1.99x.

Purple: 2 – 9.99x.

Pink: 10x and above.

Cashing Out

As the multiplier rises, you may cash out at any time for your winnings. To do that just press on the “Cash Out” button and your winnings will be deposited into your account based on the current multiplier. Make sure to cash out before the plane flies away, otherwise you lose your bet amount.

Auto Cashout

There is also an “auto cashout” feature that enables one to set a target multiplier value and the system automatically cashes out the amount. This could be beneficial when it comes to managing risk and not missing out on any opportunity that may arise due to the delay in tapping the cashout button manually. Setting up this feature is child’s play:

  1. locate and switch on the auto-cashout button represented by “Auto”.
  2. determine and input your desired cashout threshold.
  3. you can use two different multipliers thanks to the double bet feature.

Enjoy a less risky and less nerve-racking betting experience using this handy feature during your next wager.

Auto Bet

While platforms may offer an auto-bet feature, it is generally advisable to stay away from it, especially if you want to effectively learn how to play aviator game. In addition, it comes with a risk of auto placing bets on rounds where the aircraft may fly instantly, resulting in a loss. Manually placing the bets allows you to have better control of your bankroll and make informed choices about the dynamics of the game.

How to Win Aviator Game?

Winning in Aviator just like any game in a casino involves a mixture of strategy, risk management, and a little bit of luck. It is worth noting that this game is based on RNG, which means there is no such thing as the “best way” to play Aviator for winning guarantees. However, by understanding the Aviator game formula, studying the round history, and understanding what probability different multiplier ranges have, players can prepare better strategies to place their bets.

Aviator Game Tricks to Win

Although there are no surefire tricks to win the aviator game, there are several strategies and tips that can improve your chances of success:

  • Decide Your Losing Budget: It is very important to understand the amount that you are comfortable in losing if things go sideways. Don’t bet amounts that will give you sleepless nights if you lose. Set a certain comfortable budget and play responsibly. If you lose it all, simply end the game and do something else. Remember, reducing your loss is also considered winning.
  • Keep Your Frustration In Control: Many of us have been in a situation where if we bet and lose the money, we double the bet and try to cover it the next round, only to lose it again. When you lose, don’t let that frustration grow. Keep yourself in control and try to re-analyze the strategy that you are using for your gameplay. Playing aggressive may deplete your account, especially if you have no proper planning for your gameplay. If you are someone that is highly addicted, read our gambling addiction blog to learn how to control your habit.
  • Bet On Low Multipliers: The simple way to build confidence when playing on aviator is to start small. Bet on small multipliers and cash out to give a boost to your confidence. Additionally, betting low on multipliers and cashing out between 1.10x to 1.90x is one of the key strategies to make quick cash. Once you make a decent profit, you can start pushing for big multipliers. Use the “Round History” tab to get a little bit of an idea on how the rounds are going.
  • Use the Two Multiplier Bet Method: As mentioned earlier, you can place two bets at the same time. You can use the first bet button to make quick cash and the second bet button to push for big multipliers. Or, another method that you can do is to cover the second bet button amount with the first bet button and push the second one. For example: You bet Rs. 30 on the first bet button and Rs. 10 on the second bet button. Once you make over Rs. 40+ on the first bet button, you can cash out while pushing the second bet button for a higher multiplier.
  • Don’t Be Influenced By Others Bets: An interesting feature on Aviator is that you chat with other players and also view how many bets others have placed and won or lost. This can sometimes be tempting to place big bets as you will see most of the times where some players bet small amounts and win big on high multiplier cashout. Please, do not be influenced by it as everyone’s loss comfort zone is different.
  • Use The Round History Tab: While the past multiplier records doesn’t guarantee anything, it will certainly give you some idea on how the rounds are going. With the help of the round history details, you can get a good idea of whether it is a good time to place bets or not. Let’s understand this point better in the next heading.

Best Time To Play Aviator

If you are wondering what is the best time to play Aviator then there is no specific “right time” for any game because all its outcomes rely upon a Random Number Generator system. Besides, some bettors believe that they can predict whether they will win or lose in their next bets by observing the time or days of playing aviator depending on their personal experiences and superstitions. Therefore, each round should be treated independently since they do not depend on previous events. Having said that, you can still get a general idea on when to get into Aviator and start playing.

One way is to check the round history and focus on the number of multipliers. To comprehend better, let’s understand this through an example, The first picture shows, the multiplier outcomes are mostly in 1x which is substantially less, and in round history starting from the bottom right and moving towards left, the the multipliers are really low, and hence it is not the suggested time to play the game at this time.

On the contrary, in the second picture, the multiplier shows a higher number of the multiplier going as high as 138x, which promises you to give a much higher return. Again, look at the round history from the bottom right towards left and above, it starts rough but the numbers are much higher as compared to those in the previous image. This indicates that it is one of the best time to play aviator. But remember, this idea should be taken as a hint and not as a guide.

Where to Play Aviator Online

Playing Aviator or any other online betting game requires selecting a safe and secure casino platform. KheloSports is one such online casino games platform where you can also play the Aviator game in India and that it excels in terms of safety, transparency, and user experience.

KheloSports is a licensed online casino that has earned its reputation as one of the most reputable online casinos today through the implementation of state-of-the-art RNG systems that guarantee fair games. Their site is equipped with strong security measures including SSL encryption as well as secure banking options for your personal information’s protection.


Apart from being a safe, trusted space; KheloSports has many perks for Aviator players:

  • Deposits and withdrawals are fast and reliable.
  • Daily cashback offers for existing users.
  • New users receive special welcome bonuses and promotions.
  • Earn rewards for inviting friends through referral programs.
  • 24/7 customer support service.
  • An interface that is easy to use and a smooth gaming experience.

Through KheloSports, you can enjoy the thrill of playing Aviator in India knowing that it is on a platform that you can trust.

Aviator Game Cheats

It is important to know that Aviator is powered by a random number generator, which makes it a provably fair game. This means that the result of each round is genuinely random and cannot be influenced or predicted with confidence. If there is someone claiming to answer on how to play aviator game with “hacks” or “cheats” with guaranteed wins should be treated as scams. There are no Aviator predictor or cheats anyone can imply to predict the rounds.

Beware of Aviator Predictor Tools:

One should be cautious of those claiming to have “expert” tricks that will ensure you win on Aviator game. Some new ‘gurus’ also promise aviator game cheats for Android phones. These assertions are often exaggerated or even completely false and if adhered to, may lead to huge losses.

The most vital aspect of the game is your approach towards it whereby no strategy can completely take away the underlying risk or ensure a streak of wins/successes in playing this game. In order to sustainably play online casino games such as Aviator, responsible gambling, budgeting, and accepting defeats are key components. There are no predictor tools or hacks that can tell you the results in advance.

Final Verdict On Aviator Game

Aviator, an online betting casino game, offers huge rewards and a chance to make profits if played responsibly. To maximise your chances, analyse the game, understand its mechanics, and practice proper bankroll management. Most importantly, select an honest, reliable platform such as KheloSports that values ethical gameplay approaches, speed payment processing, and an amazing user interface.

Prioritize responsible gambling, budgeting, and setting stop-loss objectives to avoid losing more than you can afford. I believe this article has provided you with enough knowledge on how to play the aviator game. This exciting casino game can turn your fortunes around if you approach it correctly and we hope that lady luck is on your side. Happy Gaming!



  1. How does the Aviator game work?

Ans:- The Aviator game essentially multiplies your wager through a randomly generated multiplier. The objective of the players is to cash out before the plane crashes.

  1. How to play Aviator Game?

Ans:- Playing Aviator game online is very simple:

  • Set your bet amount and click on the Bet button within the 10 seconds countdown.
  • After take off, the multiplier will start increasing.
  • Tap on the Cash Out button before the plane flies away off-screen.
  • You can also double bet depending on the strategy.
  • Withdraw the winning amount to your bank account.
  1. How to predict an Aviator game?

Ans:- Aviator games’ outcomes can’t be predicted with certainty because they use a Random Number Generator (RNG). Studying the round history can help form a better betting strategy.

  1. Is there any trick to win the Aviator game?

Ans:- There is no particular way of winning in the Aviator game. It requires having good budget management, playing at lower multipliers, and knowing how to play the game and its risks.

  1. How much can I earn from Aviator?

Ans:- In Aviator, your potential earnings depend on what multiplier you cashed at as well as how much you bet. There are players who have won big, but it is important to gamble responsibly within your limits.

  1. Are there any offers if I play Aviator on Khelosports?

Ans:- Absolutely! KheloSports has quite a number of promotions and benefits for Aviator players including daily cashback offers, welcome bonuses for beginners, referral rewards, and seamless gaming experience on a secure platform.