Ecuadorian surfer Israel Barona cause of death, bio, age and wife

Ecuadorian surfer Israel Barona cause of death, bio, age and wife

Here is all you need to know about Israel Barona and his cause of death as the Ecuadorian Surfer dies at the age of 34

Barona, a surfer who was hoping to compete in the Olympics in Paris in 2024, passed away in El Salvador on Tuesday.

Ecuadorian surfer Israel Barona cause of death, bio, age, family and wife

The famous Ecuadorian surfer passed away this week in his hotel room in Central America due to a medical emergency wt the very young age. As per the announcement of Barona’s death on Tuesday by the National Civil Police (PNC), the young surfer experienced seizures in his hotel located in El Zonte, La Libertad.

El Salvador’s National Police stated on X (formerly known as Twitter) that Barona:

suffered seizures while he was in a hotel in El Zonte, La Libertad. He was taken to a hospital, however he was already deceased. Homicide is ruled out.”

Who was Israel Barona?

Israel Barona was a surfing star who was just 34 years old when he passed away. Barona was one of the most prestigious members of the surfing community.


A look at Israel Barona’s career

When Barona was ten years old, he began surfing. At the age of fifteen, he started competing in national tournaments, and he would go on to win several of them. Additionally, he competed for Ecuador in the Bolivarian Games and the World Surfing Games. He also participated in the World Surf League’s Men’s Qualifying Series during that period.

In El Salvador for a surfing tournament, Israel Barona was getting ready for the next Paris Olympics.


Who are Israel Barona’s parents and siblings?

There is no information about Israel Barona’s parents however, his sister, Dominic Barona, is also a fierce competitor. She most recently represented Ecuador in competitions at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the Pan American Games in 2023.

There is no information if he has more siblings.

Who was Israel Barona dating?

Israel Barona was a married man. The late surfing star was married to Marie-Christine Amyot. The two shared a son together


What was Israel Barona’s net worth?

There is no information about Israel Barona’s net worth.