Dana White Logan Paul: “I would Never Do Business With Those Guys”, Dana White On Paul Brothers

Dana White Logan Paul: “I would Never Do Business With Those Guys”, Dana White On Paul Brothers

Dana White Logan Paul: As the UFC President is renowned to the number 1 hater of the younger Paul brother, get to know what he revealed the latest about the controversial brothers. 

Over the past few years, the first Youtuber-Billionaire, Logan Paul along with his younger Jake Paul have been commercially very vocal and active in their short stint in the world of combat sport. 

While Jake Paul defeated UFC star Ben Askren in his most recent fight inside the ring, Logan Paul is all set to fight against the Boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather. However, after their most recent controversy during the latter’s face-to-face, Dana White publicly called out the Paul Brother ‘Big Gimmicks’. 

The Paul Brothers are evidently planning on re-igniting the boxing scenario, whereas Dana White emphasized upon not letting the any of the Paul Brother face any fighter from the UFC roster, especially after Ben Askren, which White revealed he is still somehow digesting. 


Dana White Logan Paul: Dana White on Paul Brothers 

In a recent interview with ESPN, the UFC President spoke about the Paul Brother and stated that he will never do business with either one of them. If anyone is interested in investing their money upon them, they sure can, but it will never be Dana White. 

When asked if he’d potentially loan a UFC fighter to face Jake or Logan Paul, Dana White resentfully stated, “I’m not going to f**king loan them a guy, for f**king what? There’s no way. 

“You’ve got plenty of f**king goofballs out there that you can muster up to get in there and play these games that these guys are playing. I’m not your guy.” 


Jake Paul takes a dig at Dana White 

After Dana White take on the Paul Brothers, fanatics were well aware about Jake Paul’s characteristics, he quickly made use of this statement by Dana White by stating a tweet which reads, “Dana White pays his ring girls more than his UFC fighters.” 

The younger Paul Brother also attended the UFC 261 event in Miami wherein he somehow managed to trigger a confrontation with UFC Legend Daniel Cormier. 


Having said that, as it stands Dana White has clearly showcased his hatred for both the Paul Brothers, but the eminent question still remains until when is he going to let the other two trigger him? 

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