Nick Diaz Return: Dana White Drops Re-assuring Hint Regarding Nick Diaz’s Return

Nick Diaz Return: Dana White Drops Re-assuring Hint Regarding Nick Diaz’s Return

Nick Diaz Return 2021: Know all about the latest development from the world of UFC as veteran Nick Diaz could head for his potential UFC comeback after Dana White’s affirmative response. 

Nick Diaz is the elder brother of Nate Diaz and has fought in as many as 37 official professional MMA fights registered against his name. However, after suffering from back-to-back losses for the second time in his career, Nate Diaz decided to leave the sport and also UFC as there seemed to have nothing left for him. 

Even though he did make a comeback against Brazilian fighter, Anderson Silva in Las Vegas in January, 2015, wherein the former lost. But the result was overturned into a no-result as both the fighters has tested positive for enduring banned substances. 

Now after 6 long years, Nate Diaz seem to have met with the UFC bigwig in order to discuss about his potential return to the octagon. 


Nick Diaz Return: Dana White on Nick Diaz’s UFC Return 

When Dana White was asked about Nick Diaz’s UFC Return, he stated, “My whole thing with Nick Diaz is I just question how bad he really wants to fight. We got together, we had a great conversation, talked about a possible comeback for him.” 

Although Dana White revealed his concern about not being able to see the spark when he met Nick Diaz, yet he wants to review the situation during the coming months in order to take a meaningful decision. 


Dana White also proceeded with a note of caution, saying that he doesn’t want to waste his time worrying about the elder Diaz brother, particularly because he has so many current fighters to look after as well. 

Nick Diaz’s UFC Record 

Having fought 13 times under the UFC banner, Nick Diaz stands at 7-6 having lost the two title fights back-to-back. Although most of his wins came via TKO or Submission, Nate Diaz was regarded as of the greatest fighters during his peek, yet his fall signified his legacy.

His younger brother Nate Diaz though has had a more impressive record than Nick, but with Nick expected to make his UFC return, who knows what to expect?


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