Biggest Controversies In History: Top Scandals In The US Sporting World

Biggest Controversies In History: Top Scandals In The US Sporting World

Biggest Controversies In History: Players have been surrounded by a number of scandals and allegations always owing to the slew of shenanigans in the sporting arena

Sometimes in the world of sport, there are condemnations because of disputes in the players. So here are the top 5 scandals in US sport.

Biggest Controversies In History: Top Scandals In US

1- Black Sox

The black sox scandal took place in the 1919 world series where White Sox was playing against the Cincinnati Reds. This scandal story is of 8 players who were caught during the World Series because of taking a large amount of money for losing the game. Arnold agreed his all teammates accepted the money for losing the game.

On this scandal a movie was also made “Eight Men Out” and in reality also these eight players were lifetime banned from MLB for losing the game in World Series

2-NCAA Division, men’s basketball corruption scandal


This NCAA Division, men’s basketball is an ongoing corruption scandal in which sportswear manufacturer Adidas was involved at first and many college basketball programs were linked.

It was also stated that payments were also made to players in an attempt to play in the Penn State football program. It was announced that in this scandal total of 10 individuals were arrested including the assistant coaches.

3- Michigan University scandal

This is one of the biggest incidents involving payments to players in American collegiate history, then the investigation was done by the NCAA. Coach paid money to the four eventual professional basketball players and then they were suspended by National Basketball Association after admitting to taking $616,000 dollars.

The Michigan coach was fired for involving in a scandal and after the player’s confessions.

4- NBA betting scandal

This betting scandal happened in 2007 in which the NBA referee used his knowledge in making relationships with referees, coaches, players, and owners to bet on professional basketball games. He was caught doing this all and then he pleaded guilty after the investigation.


The result was on NBA’s popularity as the media was full of the coverage of this scandal.

5- Len Bias death

Len Bias was a legend in basketball on the planet, It is quite sad to know how his professional career got ruined. He played his match as the man of the match but after 48 hours, 22 years Len was announced dead from cardiac arrhythmia induced by a cocaine overdose he has taken before the match.

Then NBA started a drug awareness program for young players because after his death.


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