Worst WWE Finishers Of All Time Ranked

Worst WWE Finishers Of All Time Ranked

Worst WWE Finishers: WWE finishers often make up for the best parts of matches and highly affect a superstar’s standing.

Unlike the rest of their move set, a finisher distinguishes the superstar. In most cases, it’s the last move one sees before the bell rings.

So it’s only fair to expect a finisher to stand out; not only in how cool it appears to be, but also the physical impact it makes on the opponent. While the latter may not be true for many finishers, they make up for it by adhering to the former.

Following Are Five Of The Worst WWE Finishers Which Do neither

1. The Cobra – Santino Marella

Okay, yes, comic superstars like Santino Marella are hardly taken seriously. I was quite close to cutting Santino some slack because after all, the gimmick has cracked me up in the past. But when he’s actually the part of a storyline and you see better wrestlers go down to such moves as The Cobra, your disappointment takes over the hilarity.

Making it a part of Santino’s move set is acceptable, but making The Cobra his best weapon? He deserves better.


2. Leg Drop – Hulk Hogan

Regardless of whether you’re a Hulkamaniac or not, you’d agree the Leg Drop is a very common move. It’s not a bad move, it’s just a bad finisher. Hailed as ‘the most popular wrestler of the 1980s,’ one would want Hogan’s winning move to be something more subtle or glamorous.

Even the Spear and Sharpshooter is overused. But at least they are moves impactful and beautiful enough to pass on as finishers over generations.

3. Lightning Fist – John Cena

Talking about popular wrestlers with normie finishers, I’m sorry to say but your stans will not approve of everything you do, John. I’m just glad that this sudden change of finishers was pretty recent because John Cena already gets mocked enough for the Attitude Adjustment and STFU.


At least, he based his fame upon the latter two and not the ridiculous Lightning Fist. Because again, while the move is adorable; it cannot be passed as a finisher.

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4. Bayley to Belly – Bayley

The first time I started watching Bayley’s matches, I couldn’t figure out why the commentators suddenly shouted in a high-pitched voice when this move came up. And then, it hit me. That’s supposed to be a finisher? It looks like something you’d ask Bayley to do at a fan meet – a sassy hug. It makes up for a trending Twitter hashtag, but you just cannot help rolling your eyes.

5. The Worm – Scotty Too Hotty


Many finishers are preceded by twenty to thirty seconds of theatrics, but The Worm just takes it to another level. It’s fun to watch Scotty Too Hotty do the one-legged jumps while the crowd chants W-O-R-M. But instead of an awesome display of strength, the move ends with a chop. It goes from Scotty Too Hotty to ‘Scotty Too Lousy.’

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