Does CM Punk have a burner account on Twitter/X as photo goes viral

Does CM Punk have a burner account on Twitter/X as photo goes viral

Social media platform X/Twitter is currently flooded with a viral picture of CM Punk where he is seen using X leaving fans curious as to does the professional wrestler have a burner account

For the unversed, at Survivor Series WarGames 2023, the WWE Universe was stunned by the unexpected return of CM Punk.

This comeback followed his dismissal by AEW president Tony Khan due to a physical altercation with Jack Perry at the All-In PPV in Wembley.

Punk’s return to WWE has quickly made him a major face of the programming and one of the top names in merchandise sales.

However, he hasn’t competed in the ring since January due to a triceps injury sustained at the Royal Rumble.

Additionally, Punk has been inactive on X/Twitter since 2022. Or has he? Recent evidence suggests otherwise.

Does wrester CM Punk have a burner account on Twitter/X as photo goes viral

Earlier, a picture revealed by @FadeAwayMedia shows Punk using a burner account, keeping him active on X/Twitter.

Known for his outspoken nature, akin to Deadpool’s “Merc with a Mouth,” Punk’s absence from X/Twitter since June 2022 seemed peculiar, especially given his regular activity on Instagram.


This revelation has sparked speculation among fans. For those unfamiliar, a burner account is a secondary account used anonymously.

Reports suggests that the Chicago-based star might be using this account to stay anonymous while keeping up with fan and colleague discussions in WWE, particularly comments from Drew McIntyre.

Social Media User’s Reaction

Fans quickly shared their theories, some suggesting Punk might be trolling or running a hate campaign against McIntyre, potentially setting up a future storyline.


Meanwhile, many others believe Punk uses the burner account to monitor AEW without drawing attention.

This way, he can stay informed or even troll his former promotion without any backlash on his main account.

A few fans, however, think the burner account rumors are a hoax and that Punk is simply avoiding interaction on his main account.


Regardless, fans miss the “Voice of the Voiceless.” Over the past few months, Punk and McIntyre have developed a heated rivalry since Punk’s injury, with McIntyre challenging Punk to a match upon his return.

Fans will have to wait to see Punk back in action until he recovers from his triceps injury!

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