Worst WWE Champions: Worst WWE World Heavyweight, United States And World Champions

Worst WWE Champions: Worst WWE World Heavyweight, United States And World Champions

Worst WWE Champions: There have been tons of WWE Champions throughout history. But what makes up a good WWE Champion?

WWE Champions are usually labeled as good or bad on the basis of characteristics like charisma, grace, an impressive skill-set or a dedicated fanbase. While the following superstars reached this pinnacle, they failed to make the most out of it.

Five of the Worst WWE Champions ranked

1. Vince McMahon

The only person capable of crowning Vince McMahon with a prestigious title is Vince McMahon himself. He captured the WWE title from Triple H on a Smackdown in September 1999, thanks to Steve Austin’s interference.

That a long reign would be pointless was visible to everyone. Therefore, Vince voluntarily relinquished the title six days later on Raw. He was due to be banished from WWE at the time.


2. The Great Khali

The Great Khali prevailed in a Battle Royal on SmackDown in July 2007 to begin his reign as the World Heavyweight champion. The title had been vacated by the recently injured Edge. He made his way through title defenses with an irritably limited move set. The reign ended when Batista defeated him and Rey Mysterio at Unforgiven.

3. Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger cashed in his Money in the Bank contract two days after winning it, against an injured Chris Jericho on the first SmackDown after WrestleMania XXVI to capture the World Heavyweight Championship. But like they say, he just wasn’t ‘championship material.’

Despite defending the title successfully in 79 reigning days, Jack didn’t have enough ‘swagger’ for a champion. He was hardly noticeable.


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4. Rob Van Dam

RVD cashed in his Money in the Bank contract against John Cena in 2006 to become the first superstar in history to be crowned as the WWE champion and ECW champion at the same time. Unfortunately, this was as high his career would go.

Three weeks later, he was caught in possession of drugs by the police. His reign ended after 22 days and RVD never reached the same heights again.


5. André The Giant

Bet You didn’t expect him to show up on this list? Despite being one of the greatest superstars WWE has ever known, André The Giant’s counter with the title was rather disgraceful. He put an end to Hulk Hogan’s legendary four-year title reign and moments later, decided to sell the title to him.

The then president Jack Turney declared the WWE title not for sale and immediately stripped André off the title, declaring the WWE Championship vacant.

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