Who is Nina Marie Daniele MMA reporter, bio, age, height, boyfriend, Instagram

Who is Nina Marie Daniele MMA reporter, bio, age, height, boyfriend, Instagram

Here is all you need to know about Nina Marie Daniele, the MMA and UFC reporter

The interim heavyweight champion surprised the well-known influencer Nina-Marie Daniele with a perplexing question when Tom Aspinall recently sat down for an interview with her.

Who is Nina Marie Daniele MMA and UFC reporter, bio, age, height, boyfriend, Instagram

A part of their talk was cut short when Aspinall asked her a question out of the blue, a very weird question and she was stunned. He asked:

Have you ever been f**gered by an MMA fighter before?”

As Nina was surprised, Aspinall continued:

What would it take?… I’ve seen some really weird questions on your Instagram, so I’m just going to throw one in there.”

However, she later clarified that he didn’t “offend” her.


Daniele regularly asks soldiers hypothetical questions and requests their input. She has discussed bouts and personal life outside of the UFC with some well-known UFC fighters.


Who is Nina Marie Daniele?

Nina Marie Daniele is a UFC interviewer who was born on December 27, 1988 in Los Angeles, California. The 38-year-old stunning journalist stands 1.75 m tall.

A look at Nina Marie Daniele’s career

She graduated from a nearby university with a degree in creative writing with a focus on poetry after completing her elementary and high school studies, a report in Essentially Sports, suggests.


After winning the title of “Playmate of the Month” from Playboy Magazine in April 2017, Marie-Daniele gained notoriety and quickly became a UFC influencer. Known as “Nina Drama,” she quickly established herself as a regular presence at UFC events when Dana White saw her talent.

Nina has also conducted interviews with the best UFC fighters, including several with Alexander Volkanovski, the featherweight champion.

She has around 1.6 million followers on her official Instagram account as of this writing, with the bio “MAKING MMA MEDIA GREAT AGAIN.” On her official YouTube account “Nina Drama”, she has amassed around 483k subscribers. On X (formerly known as Twitter, she has a family of 94.6k followers @ninamdrama.


Who are Nina Marie Daniele’s parents?

Nina Marie Daniele has not disclosed anything about her parents. We don’t know their names.

Who is Nina Marie Daniele dating?

Nina Marie Daniele is dating Jhanelle Castillo and according to reports, they have been together for many years.