FIH Junior Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 schedule, date, time table, groups, teams, India squad

FIH Junior Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 schedule, date, time table, groups, teams, India squad

Here is all you need to know about FIH Junior Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 including its schedule, date, time, when and where to watch and more 

Hockey India revealed the Indian team for the FIH Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup in 2023 on Tuesday. The competition is slated to run from December 5–16 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

FIH Junior Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 schedule, date, time table, groups, teams, India squad players list

Along with Australia, Chile, and host country Malaysia, Pool A of the competition features the defending champions, Argentina. France, Germany, South Africa, and Egypt are in Pool B. Belgium, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Pakistan are competing for a spot in the quarterfinals, setting up an intense competition.


India finished fourth in the previous edition of the tournament, and coach C.R. Kumar says the team is ready to go farther. The reigning Asian champions will be led by forward Uttam Singh.

In which group is India placed in at the FIH Junior Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023?

India is paired with Korea, Canada, and Spain in an intriguing Pool C.

When and where is the FIH Junior Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023?

The FIH Junior Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 is all set to begin on December 5th and will run until December 16 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The first game of India’s tour is against Korea on December 5th. On December 7th and December 9th, respectively, the team will fight Spain and Canada.


December 12 is the day for the quarterfinals; on December 14, the semifinals will take place; and on December 16, the grand final.

Check out the full schedule below, as per My Khel:

Group stage:

Match No. Match Pool Date Time (in IST)
1 FRA vs EGY B Dec 5 6:30 AM
2 GER vs RSA B Dec 5 8:30 AM
3 ESP vs CAN C Dec 5 11:30 AM
4 ARG vs AUS A Dec 5 1:30 PM
5 IND vs KOR C Dec 5 3.30 PM
6 MAS vs CHI A Dec 5 5:30 PM
7 NED vs PAK D Dec 6 6:30 AM
8 BEL vs NZL D Dec 6 8:30 AM
9 RSA vs EGY B Dec 6 11:30 AM
10 FRA vs GER B Dec 6 1:30 PM
11 AUS vs CHI A Dec 6 3:30 PM
12 MAS vs ARG A Dec 6 5:30 PM
13 KOR vs CAN C Dec 7 6:30 AM
14 PAK vs NZL D Dec 7 8:30 AM
15 BEL vs NED D Dec 7 3:30 PM
16 ESP vs IND C Dec 7 5:30 PM
17 RSA vs FRA B Dec 8 6:30 AM
18 GER vs EGY B Dec 8 8:30 AM
19 ARG vs CHI A Dec 8 3:30 PM
20 AUS vs MAS A Dec 8 5:30 PM
21 KOR vs ESP C Dec 9 6:30 AM
22 NED vs NZL D Dec 9 8:30 AM
23 IND vs CAN C Dec 9 3:30 PM
24 PAK vs BEL D Dec 9 5:30 PM

Knock out stages: 

Match No. Knockout Match Teams Date Time (in IST)
25 9/16 3rd Pool A vs 4th Pool B Dec 11 6:30 AM
26 9/16 3rd Pool D vs 4th Pool C Dec 11 8:45 AM
27 9/16 3rd Pool B vs 4th Pool A Dec 11 1:15 PM
28 9/16 3rd Pool C vs 4th Pool D Dec 11 3:30 PM
29 Quarter Final (QF) 1st Pool A vs 2nd Pool B Dec 12 6:30 AM
30 QF 1st Pool D vs 2nd Pool C Dec 12 8:45 AM
31 QF 1st Pool B vs 2nd Pool A Dec 12 1:15 PM
32 QF 1st Pool C vs 2nd Pool D Dec 12 3:30 PM
33 13/16 Loser Match 25 (M25) vs Loser M26 Dec 13 6:30 AM
34 13/16 Loser M27 vs Loser M 28 Dec 13 8:45 AM
35 9/12 Winner M25 vs Winner M26 Dec 13 12:30 PM
36 9/12 Winner M27 vs Winner M28 Dec 13 2:45 PM
37 5/8 Loser M29 vs Loser M30 Dec 14 6:30 AM
38 5/8 Loser M31 vs Loser M32 Dec 14 8:45 AM
39 Semi Final (SF 1) Winner M29 vs Winner M30 Dec 14 3:30 PM
40 Semi-Final (SF 2) Winner M31 vs Winner M32 Dec 14 6:00 PM
41 15th-16th Placed Match Loser M33 vs Loser M34 Dec 15 6:30 AM
42 13th-14th Placed Match Winner M33 vs Winner M34 Dec 15 8:45 AM
43 11th-12th Placed Match Loser M35 vs Loser M36 Dec 15 12:30 PM
44 9th-10th Placed Match Winner M35 vs Winner M36 Dec 15 2:45 PM
45 7th-8th Placed Match Loser M37 vs Loser M38 Dec 16 6:30 AM
46 5th-6th Placed Match Winner M37 vs Winner M38 Dec 16 8:45 AM
47 3rd-4th Placed Match Loser M39 vs Loser M40 Dec 16 3:30 PM

What is the Indian squad for FIH Junior Men’s Hockey World Cup?


  • Mohit HS
  • Ranvijay Singh Yadav


  • Shardanand Tiwari
  • Amandeep Lakra
  • Rohit
  • Sunil JoJo
  • Amir Ali


  • Vishnukant Singh
  • Poovanna C B
  • Rajinder Singh
  • Amandeep
  • Aditya Singh


  • Uttam Singh (c)
  • Aditya Lalage
  • Araijeet Singh Hundal (vc)
  • Sourabh Anand Kushwaha
  • Sudeep Chirmako
  • Boby Singh Dhami
  • Sukhvinder (reserve player)
  • Sunit Lakra (reserve player)

FIH Junior Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 live streaming and telecasting details: Where to watch in India?

No TV Channel will be telecasting the matches live.