Who is BKFC fighter Nicholas ‘Nick’ Kohring, bio, age, height, MMA fight record and stats

Who is BKFC fighter Nicholas ‘Nick’ Kohring, bio, age, height, MMA fight record and stats

Age 33 Nick Kohring is a professional MMA fighter who started a scuffle during the recent Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal 2 press conference, find out more about him and his MMA career below

All hell broke loose after Nick Kohring floated a jab during the conference before unleashing some slaps and blows to start a chaotic brawl.

Who is BKFC fighter Nicholas ‘Nick’ Kohring, bio, age, height, MMA record and stats

Following the shocking incident, all eyes are on Nate Diaz’s teammate Nick Kohring and his career history.

Nick Kohring bio

Nick Kohring is an American professional fighter who grew up in Stockton and spent his initial years at Valley Springs, California. He was born on June 28, 1990 and goes by the nickname Killshot. Nick has a pro MMA record of 13-2-0 (win-loss-Draw) and a current streak of 4 wins. He competes in the Middleweight weight class.


Age and height

Nick Kohring is currently 33 years old and stands at a height of 6’1” (185 cm).

MMA career

After returning to Stockton, Nick found his calling in combat sports, which started off his amateur career at just 16. He eventually made his pro debut at 19 and under the next 6 months, he went 3-0 and appeared in the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter Season 17 in 2012. However, he lost out to Luke Barnatt in the entry round.

Despite the loss, Kohring racked up 12 wins across different promotions like GKO and Gladiator Challenge. His rise to the top MMA promotions was, however, cut short following his trouble with the authorities.


Kohring troubles with authorities

Back in February 2019, with a record of 13-2, Nick Kohring was sentenced to prison on charges of felony. He had already gone through some legal proceedings back in 2016 following his connection to a bar brawl. After serving three years in prison, he returned to the ring on July 20, 2022.

Kohring resumed his MMA training upon his release and joined the Nate Diaz Academy, where he became Diaz’s training partner. ‘Killshot’ eventually made a stunning comeback, fighting under Urijah Faber’s A1 Combat. Despite talks with joining the Professional Fighters League, Kohring eventually switched to bare-knuckle boxing.


Nick Kohring BKFC career

Kohring started off his BKFC career in style after knocking out Kyle McElroy within 30 seconds of the first round. Following his debut win at BKFC 59, Nick stated:

I feel like the sky’s the limit for me with BKFC. I want to get back in there, knock a few guys out, and go on a title run.”

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