Who is Amari Miller WWE wrestler, her age, height, bio, net worth

Who is Amari Miller WWE wrestler, her age, height, bio, net worth

Here is all you need to know about Amari Miller, the WWE superstar, her age, career, achievements, news and more 

Anyone should be aware of their mental health and take care of it since you never know what decisions a person with emotional issues may be forced to make. Amari Miller, a budding WWE star, said that it had occurred to him and that she had nearly killed himself.

What happened?

Amari Miller confessed in a message on her TikTok account that she made an attempt at suicide the week before and is now looking for help from her followers.

Miller, a rising star in WWE where she already makes frequent appearances, spoke up to her fans and shared her difficulties with mental health, encouraging people to reach out for help if they are struggling.

Following her TikTok post, Amari received a number of responses from followers expressing their support. Someone commented on TikTok post made by Amari Miller, “Nothing but love and support for her.”

Who is Amari Miller WWE wrestler, her age, height, bio, net worth 2023

Amari Miller is an NXT wrestler who deserves to be followed closely. She stands out among the women on the cast of the show as someone who might appear or could do bits in the future.


Miller entered WWE through a tough way, much like many others before her. She was playing around in the independent scene before to wrestling at her current job. WWE hired her after she appeared on EVOLVE and established her reputation.

On the programme airing on June 8, 2021, she made her NXT debut as Amari Miller and lost a bout to Mercedes Martinez.


On the edition of 205 Live airing on September 3, 2021, three months later, she defeated the fearsome Cora Jade to earn her first singles victory in the organisation.

The native of Kansas City competed in numerous matches on 205 Live and NXT in 2021. She improved her performance this year and caught the attention of many wrestling enthusiasts.

Every time she fought opponents like Sol Ruca, Elektra Lopez, and Alba Fyre, she appeared outstanding. Her net worth stands at $500,000.


Amari Miller ; 5’8” · December 26, 1996 (26). Kansas City, Missouri.
Height: 5’8”
Debut: June 8, 2021
Born: December 26, 1996 (26)
Ring Names: Amari Miller; Cameron