What is Equestrian skijoring, its rules, scoring and how to play it

What is Equestrian skijoring, its rules, scoring and how to play it

Equestrian skijoring is currently the latest sport taking North America by storm and being dubbed as the most extreme sport ever, find out how it is played and how it gained so much popularity along with its rules

The world of sports often features crossovers between different sports to create new sports, for example, the Winter Olympics, adding ice/snow to traditional competitions creates tons of new sporting events.

What is Equestrian skijoring, its rules, scoring and how to play it explained

The latest of such sports, called Equestrian Skijoring, features horses and snow, to bring a completely different type of sport.


The sport featuring carving skiers and galloping horses has become one of the fastest-growing winter sport in North America.

Equestrian skijoring the most extreme sport

Equestrian skijoring is a newly created sport where riders ride on retired race horses while pulling the ropes for the skiers flying down a 700 to 900 foot track. Competitors reach speeds of up to 40mph while competing in the event. To add more chaos to the event, the ski riders need to tackle jumps while riding down.

Moreover, they also need to fly around gates and grab suspended rings. They do all these in front of a crowd who are just as thrilled with the sport as the riders. To make things more exciting again, both men and women compete in the event against one another. All these conditions, have made the sport very successful and have led to it being dubbed as the most extreme sport ever.


“Just so dramatic”

Sam Mitchell, who is the CEO of Skijor Canada and the organiser behind the Banff shared  his statement about the sport saying:

When you’re there, just having that horse thunder by you and then that sound of the skis carving and the smack after a jump and you just can’t help but get excited. There’s something beautiful about it and it’s just so dramatic.”

Meanwhile, skijor rider Josh Abbott also recently admitted how:


If you like horses and you’re competitive, it really kind of hits you up, hits you hard. So yeah, it is definitely just something else that gets in your blood.”

Equestrian skijoring was recently just a completely alien thing to everyone. However, everyone can’t help but just be fascinated by the sport now. The sport combines skiing and equestrian at speed making it simply unique and incredible to watch.

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