Watch “Trump is clear of you,” Adin Ross asks Joe Biden to pardon Andrew Tate after he’s arrested in Romania

Watch “Trump is clear of you,” Adin Ross asks Joe Biden to pardon Andrew Tate after he’s arrested in Romania

Adin Ross, one of the few Twitch streamers to regularly communicate with Andrew Tate, the controversial internet personality, reacted quickly to the news that the former kickboxer, along with his brother and two other Romanian residents, had been detained in Romania

Adin Ross has something to say for Joe Biden.

The 22-year-old streamer was obviously upset about his arrest since he rushed to Twitter to express his frustration and beg the concerned individuals to release him soon. Additionally, he referred to Joe Biden, the current President of the United States, as “sleepy,” and continued by saying that the previous President “clears” him on this.

Adin Ross asks Joe Biden to pardon Andrew Tate after he’s arrested in Romania and takes a swipe at Joe Biden

“Joe Biden, please go ahead and pardon Andrew Tate,” read the tweet. Adin Ross asserted that if it had been the former president, Donald Trump, he would have already taken action to ensure that the online celebrity received justice. Adin ended his tweet by calling Joe Biden “sleepy Joe” in a swipe at the vice president.


When the notorious kickboxer was jailed, the streamer initially had no idea what to say, but he eventually chose to ask Joe Biden for forgiveness. When Andrew Tate returned to Twitter hours after being detained, the streamer encouraged him to make a call, which caused some controversy.

Ludwig, HasanAbi, and others on Andrew Tate’s arrest

Andrew Tate developed into an internet celebrity after reaching the pinnacle of his kickboxing career inside the ring and became known for his opinions on society and women. A cancel culture developed against him as a result of his misogynistic attitude and allegations that he trafficked women, and many US-based broadcasters began to call him out for his questionable actions.

In stark contrast to Adin Ross’s attitude, Ludwig was delighted to know of his arrest and reposted a post in which it was mentioned that a pizza box had helped the police locate the kickboxer in Romania. Although the police have not yet confirmed this, the YouTuber has already dubbed it this year’s “greatest thing from Twitter.”

Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker also made fun of Tate by bringing up their previous altercation with Greta Thunberg, a climate activist. The most popular US Twitch streamer tweeted that the kickboxer is now also experiencing the consequences since “every time this dude goes against someone who pushes back even marginally, he ends up making an absolute fool of himself.”

Twitterati reacts to Adin Ross

Since Adin Ross was the only streamer to invite Andrew Tate to appear on his live stream after the latter was banned from all major social media platforms, his audience was waiting for him to respond to the situation. Because Joe Biden was the President of the United States and Andrew Tate was detained in Romania, a member of the streamer’s community argued that he was ineligible to apply for Joe Biden’s pardon.




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