Who is Canadian bodybuilder Kyle Landi, bio, age, parents, wife and Instagram

Who is Canadian bodybuilder Kyle Landi, bio, age, parents, wife and Instagram

Kyle Landi is a bodybuilder who is defying all odds despite being born with a congenital heart defect and down syndrome, find out more about him and his life and if he has a wife

Kyle has recently become a phenomenon after becoming the first-ever Canadian bodybuilder with Down’s syndrome to compete professionally.

Who is Canadian bodybuilder Kyle Landi, bio, age, height, parents, wife and Instagram

Surrounded by all the hype around him and with his love for fitness and bodybuilding, Kyle aims to compete in more shows this year in 2024.

Kyle Landi bio and age

Kyle Landi is a bodybuilder, and an aspiring model and actor from Milton, Ontario, Canada. He currently lives with his stepdad, Joe Dominie, who is a police officer from Nova Scotia, and his mother, Murphy. Kyle was born as premature baby with Down’s syndrome and a congenital heart condition. He is currently 23 years old and despite his learning disabilities, he is out defying all odds and striving to master bodybuilding principles.

His height isn’t known. Kyle is single and unmarried.


Bodybuilding journey

Kyle Landi developed a love for fitness at a very young age by following in his mom’s footsteps. Landi started out mimicking her mom working out and joined the gym by the age of 12. He tried a little bit of everything, including dance, gymnastics, swimming, and weightlifting. Landi’s stepdad, who trains together with him, took him along to attend the Mr. Olympia event in Las Vegas back in 2022.

Much to the surprise of his stepdad, the 23-year-old came across a pull-up booth and started doing chin-ups. Just a few weeks later, Landi decided to pursue bodybuilding as a profession. Following which, the family uploaded the chin-up video on TikTok that same night. Overnight, the young icon garnered one million views and became an instant social media sensation.


Kyle Landi soon started training with coach Cody Amey, and he also got to train with famous bodybuilding personalities. Kyle has had an intense shoulder session with 8x Mr. Olympia champion King Coleman, who is known for his heavy-weight duties, during Joe Weider’s 2023 weekend. He also met and posed together with bodybuilding legend and 7x Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger, at the 2023 Arnold Classic, where he was invited as a special guest.

Kyle also got the chane to have a training session with powerlifting enigma Larry Wheels. Kyle also went on to share the stage with Antoine Valliant and Nick Walker during the Pure Muscle Championships. Aside from bodybuilding, Kyle Landi is looking to achieve a black belt in karate alongside a career in acting and modeling.


Kyle Landi has an Instagram account with the handle @greenrangerkyle, where he has over 372k followers.


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