Tour de France Jerseys Explained, Jersey Meaning, Types And Colors

Tour de France Jerseys Explained, Jersey Meaning, Types And Colors

Cycling’s ultimate test begins today, as the field prepares to sprint to Paris in the Tour de France in 2022 – but what do all the various jerseys mean, know the colors and meaning explained of the jersey

What are the distinctions between polka dots, white, green, and yellow?

Tour de France Jerseys Explained, Jersey Meaning, Types And All Colors

The yellow jersey of the Tour de France is one of the most recognisable emblems in sports.

It’s the one that every rider fantasises about wearing as the peloton swings down the Champs-Élysées in Paris for their victory lap in order to be declared the winner.

But why would a cyclist be chosen to wear the yellow jersey during the Tour de France? What do the other three jerseys imply, and what does a rider have to accomplish to get the white, green, or polka dot jerseys?

What Are The Jerseys In The Tour De France?

The yellow jersey is the most recognisable in the Tour de France.


This is given to the rider who finishes first in the overall classification at the end of each stage of the Tour. Because the race is based on time, the victor of a stage does not always take the yellow shirt.

For example, suppose the winner finishes 23 seconds ahead of the rider in the yellow jersey, who finishes seventh. The stage winner will gain 23 seconds on the yellow jersey holder, who still has an eight-second lead over the stage winner despite being 31 seconds ahead. The winner of the Tour de France will be the person wearing the yellow jersey after the 20th stage.

The final and 21st stage is a parade into Paris with a predetermined finishing order.

Jerseys In Green And White

The green and white jerseys in the Tour de France, like the yellow jersey, are determined by overall time rather than points or finishing place.

The Green jersey is given to the rider who finishes first in the points classification after each stage; it is also known as the sprinter’s jersey, and Mark Cavendish won it in 2021.


To discover a strong overall rider, it integrates a variety of talents, including flat sprint speed. The white jersey is awarded to the Tour’s best young rider. To be eligible, you must be the general classification leader under the age of 25. Tadej Pogacar won both the white and yellow jerseys in 2021.

Jersey With The Polka Dots

The polka dot jersey is the final of the main jerseys. A white jersey with red polka dots is given to the rider who performs best in the mountain stages. 

It is referred to as the “King of the Mountains.”

The first person to reach the mountain’s peak is granted points, which are totalled to choose a leader, who is then awarded a jersey. Teams will use specialists for the mountain stages, with overall race hopefuls like Pogacar out of the running. In the Tour de France, the polka dot jersey is typically worn by tiny, quick, and strong riders.


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