TikTok star Caca Girl involved in car accident in which Julius Gonzalez dies

TikTok star Caca Girl involved in car accident in which Julius Gonzalez dies

A calamitous car accident involving a popular TikTok star Caca Girl has plunged the local community into a state of shock and profound grief

The dreadful incident occurred on Thursday night and resulted in the tragic death of a teenager, leaving three others seriously wounded.

TikTok star Caca Girl involved in car accident in which Julius Gonzalez dies and brother is injured


The Real CacaGirl is a social media influencer who has 1.1 million followers on TikTok and her real name is Melanie but she goes by the Real Caca Girl on her social media profiles.

The scene unfolded on Grand Avenue when an Infiniti, traveling at high speed, lost control and tragically flipped over. Among the victims were Julius Gonzalez, a 15-year-old teen, his famed TikTok star sister, known as “Caca Girl,” and their brother Julian. Both Caca Girl and Julian sustained critical injuries, while Julius tragically succumbed to his wounds.


The fatal chain of events began just after 7 p.m. when the speeding Infiniti on Grand Avenue spiraled out of control. Near 53rd Avenue, the vehicle collided with another car attempting a left turn, causing the Infiniti to careen and eventually crash into a curb. The car’s subsequent flip triggered severe consequences for its occupants.

Investigation of the Caca Girl car accident

Authorities are meticulously scrutinizing the events surrounding the Caca Girl car accident to understand the contributing factors to this heartbreaking incident. One notable revelation was that the critically injured teenagers were not wearing seat belts at the time of the accident. This detail emphasizes the importance of adhering to safety procedures when driving.


The ongoing investigation is considering other factors, such as the speed of the vehicle, the condition of the road, and potential distractions, to grasp the sequence of events leading to the critical injuries and loss of life.

Community support in the wake of the Caca Girl car tragedy

Details regarding Julius Gonzalez’s funeral arrangements will be released in due course. The tragic news has left the community in shock, as people mourn Julius’s untimely passing and pray for a swift recovery for the injured victims.


A GoFundMe campaign has been initiated to support the Gonzalez family during this challenging period, aiming to provide financial aid for funeral services and other related expenses.

In the face of such a devastating event, the story of Caca Girl’s accident underscores the importance of road safety, the potential dangers of high-speed driving, and the immeasurable value of community support during times of tragedy.

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