Who is Mohd Naved who murdered Seema Gautam for refusing to convert to Islam, biography and religion

Who is Mohd Naved who murdered Seema Gautam for refusing to convert to Islam, biography and religion

Mohd Naved is a Muslim man by religion from Shahjahanpur who killed Seema Gautam

Find out more about him.

In a deeply disturbing incident that has shocked the Shahjahanpur area in Uttar Pradesh, the alleged actions of an individual named Mohd Naved have come to the forefront.

The Muslim man is charged with doing numerous heinous deeds against Seema Gautam, a young Dalit woman, which finally resulted in her terrible death. The information that has come to light paints a disturbing picture of compulsion, violence, forced religious conversion, and lethal poisoning.

Who is Mohd Naved who murdered Seema Gautam of Lakhimpur Kheri for refusing to convert to Islam, biography and religion

In order to connect with Seema, it has been said that Mohd Naved first pretended to be a Hindu. However, this bond gradually turned into something deadly. It is claimed that in addition to raping Seema, Naved allegedly initiated an effort to forcefully convert her to Islam by using offensive images as pressure.


As their connection developed, Seema learned she was pregnant, which made the already painful situation worse. As Seema firmly refused to accept Islam, Naved allegedly had assistance from his friends and resorted to extreme methods.

Unfortunately, he deliberately poisoned her, which caused her early death. When Seema was carried to a hospital in Lakhimpur Kheri, her terrible death was confirmed by medical staff, which brought to light this unsettling chain of events.


Due to this, Mohd Naved has become a popular topic of discussion, with many people trying to find out more about him. So, here’s what we know about him:

Who is Mohd Naved?

Mohd Naved is a Muslim guy who was recently accused of murdering Dalit woman Seema Gautam after she refused to convert to Islam.

He is a native of Shahjahanpur. He met Seema at the Dr. Shroff Eye Charitable Hospital in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, where she was working as a diligent and dedicated front desk employee.


After falling in love with each other, they both started living together. However, things went wrong when Mohd Naved started forcing Seema to covert her Islam. Eventually, when Seema refused to do so, he poisoned her. At that time, she was pregnant.

With the help of his accomplice Farhan, Naved initially introduced Seema as his wife under the name Zoya Siddiqui at the hospital. However, Naved later admitted the truth as a result of the police’s continuous probing. He clarified the complexity of their relationship by revealing that the victim’s true name was Seema Gautam and that they had been a live-in couple for around a year and a half.

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