TwitchCon Paris 2023 schedule, dates, location, tickets price, streamers list

TwitchCon Paris 2023 schedule, dates, location, tickets price, streamers list

Check out the TwitchCon 2023 schedule, dates, venue, streamers and tickets price who are attending the event and more 

Fans eagerly anticipated learning the announcement of the dates and venues when the company made information about TwitchCon 2023 in February 2023.

TwitchCon Paris 2023 schedule, dates, location, tickets price and streamers list


TwitchCon Paris 2023 is approaching sooner than you would think, and we have all the information you need to know about it, including the dates, venues, and streamers you can expect to meet.

For North American and European viewers, this year’s gathering promises to be a thrilling weekend filled with live performances, esports competitions, streamer meet & greets, and other surprises. The celebration and in-person interactions with streamers and their communities are the goals of the event.

This July, the first of the two yearly events will be held in Paris, and streamers from all over the world will be there to meet and greet fans.

Dates and locations


Twitch has just announced that its annual convention, TwitchCon, would henceforth be held in Paris and Las Vegas rather than San Diego and Amsterdam.

TwitchCon 2023 Paris will be on July 8 and 9, 2023, at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, according to a blog post from Twitch from February. The two-day event will draw a sizable number of streams. The festival will provide attendees with a weekend of entertainment.


For North America, TwitchCon will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, from October 20 to October 22, 2023. Twitch’s annual convention will make its debut at the Las Vegas Convention Centre after being held in San Francisco, Long Beach, and San Diego.

Tickets for TwitchCon Paris 2023 will be priced at €125 (Euros) for the 2-Day Ticket Pass while the 1-Day Ticket Pass will be €75 (Euros) and you can already reserve your tickets at Twitch’s official site with your account to verify your information and will become quicker when entering the convention.

Streamers to watch out

According to Dexerto, content producers from other countries will attend, meet and greet, attend seminars, and even take part in live entertainment.


AngleDroit, Avamind, Bulledop, Domingo, Etoiles, Ultia, TonTon, and other content producers will be present at the Paris TwitchCon. The event will run from Saturday, July 8’s morning to the evening of the following day.

Twitch users will be able to watch live streaming competitions at an event that Little Big Whale and Ponce are hosting during TwitchCon. Additionally, a live episode of the “Banter” podcast will be presented by well-known Minecraft creators Karl Jacobs, SapNap, and GeorgeNotFound.