Thai BL actor Build Jakapan Puttha and author Poi controversy drama explained as Convo messages go viral

Thai BL actor Build Jakapan Puttha and author Poi controversy drama explained as Convo messages go viral

The Thai actor Build Jakapan Puttha and the novelist Poi have been in the news recently because of charges made by the KinnPorsche writer against the BL actor

The label Build is signed to, Be On Cloud, has issued several statements in response to the backlash. Jakapan Puttha, alias Build, is on a break at the moment.

But on January 28, 2023, he and Daemi’s Poi will appear on a livestream to address their followers and discuss the claims against them in the presence of a representative from Be On Cloud.

Thai BL actor Build Jakapan Puttha and author Poi controversy drama scandal explained as leaked chat goes viral

As the KinnPorsche writer made a series of accusations against the actor, the Build Jakapan and Poi debate erupted on Twitter. Patchayamon Theewasujaroen (Poi), whose real name is unknown, said that Build had stolen numerous items of clothing and accessories from a gift registry.


The author also provided screenshots of chat discussions that purportedly show the other party making fun of the writer’s bruise and asking why she needs medical attention. Certain supporters have questions regarding the claims.

Statements issued by Build Jakapan’s label Be On Cloud

Be On Cloud, the actor’s record label, finally spoke out after the avalanche of online speculation by confirming that Poi and Build were romantically involved before it ended.

The label said that the two used to be close but recently broke up. And that there have been some problems between them. Their relationship and disagreements are their own business, and the company respects what they choose to do.


Then they said that this dispute is a very important and sensitive issue that can’t be ignored. So, the company humbly asks for time to investigate the matter and all the details from both sides in a clear and correct way

Build Jakapan and Poi will go live to clear the spreading rumours

In addition, label reported on January 23 that the actor and the author would go live on air to address the claims. The date and timing of the event have been set for Sunday, January 28 at 4pm Thai time.

Who is Build Jakapan? Age, early life, career and much more!

Jakapan Puttha, better known by his alias “Build,” is a Thai television actor, singer, model, and graphic designer. Build Jakapan’s birth date is June 4, 1994, in Thailand. Build Jakapan Puttha recently graduated from Bangkok University with a degree in Broadcasting. He is fluent in both Thai and English.


In 2017, Jakapan Puttha made his acting debut in the Thai television series “Yeua Payabaat,”. Where he  played the part of Danai in an ancillary capacity. In reality, he usually plays a supporting character on TV shows. Jakapan Puttha has a large and dedicated following on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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