Technoblade Merch Price, Items, Hoodie, Where To Buy Online, Link, Store

Technoblade Merch Price, Items, Hoodie, Where To Buy Online, Link, Store

Fans all across the world are grieving the death of YouTuber Technoblade, who died at the age of 23, know about his merch, hoodie, the online store to buy from and shipping

His family broke the awful news in a video titled “So long geeks” that was released to his YouTube page on Thursday (June 30th). In the video, the Minecraft gamer’s father gave out his farewell message to his admirers. “He was the most incredible child anyone could possibly wish for. I’m missing Technoblade. Thank you so much for everything. “You meant a lot to him,” the bereaved father explained.

Technoblade Merch Price, Items, Where To Buy Online, Hoodie, Link And Store

Technoblade Releases New Merch After Youtuber Death

Only hours after announcing his death, Technoblade’s family unveiled a new line of merchandise honouring the late star. The new merchandise includes t-shirts and hoodies with the YouTuber’s name and logo, as well as dates from 1999 to 2022 printed on some of them.


GG EZ, a classic gaming word that means ‘good game, easy,’ is also emblazoned on the star’s merchandise. “Good Game,” says another. In his final video, the 23-year-old finally disclosed his real name: Alex, not Dave, which he used as a hoax in one of his 2018 YouTube videos.

How To Get The Merch And The Prices

Fans can purchase the stuff at, which is quickly running out.


The YouTuber’s family has announced that a part of all online orders will be given to By financing research and promoting awareness about the condition, the organisation advocates for sarcoma patients.

  • So Long Nerds Tee (Black): $30.00
  • Gg Ez Tee (Black): $27.00
  • Good Game Long Sleeve Tee (Black): $32.00
  • Good Game Hoodie (Black): $58.00
  • Tekunoburēdo Hoodie (Pink): $58.00

Fans React To Merch Released By Youtuber After Death

“I’ve been sobbing, then I saw the stuff he produced and it helped me laugh through the tears.” He clearly understood what he was doing. His sense of humour, kind heart, great influence, and overall excellent demeanour. “This is why Technoblade never dies,” one tearful admirer remarked.


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