Andrew Wiggins Refusing To Get COVID Vaccine, Golden State Warriors Player Set To Miss Home Games

Andrew Wiggins Refusing To Get COVID Vaccine, Golden State Warriors Player Set To Miss Home Games

GSW’s Andrew Wiggins joins Kyrie Irving in the list of players not taking the COVID vaccine with the forward likely to miss out on the home games in NBA 2022

In a bid to ensure that the impending season of NBA gets underway without any perils and isn’t hindered during the course of its length, the league has worked with states to bring down a compulsory vaccine rule. Both New York City and San Francisco have come out with guidelines which make it compulsory for sporting events in indoor stadiums to see only vaccinated people take part.

And while over 90% of the 500 players in NBA are fully vaccinated ahead of the impending 2022 season, there continue to remain a few decadent personalities least bothered about the health of others. The list includes GSW’s Andrew Wiggins, an anti-vaxxer who is adamant on not taking his vaccine ahead of the new campaign.

Andrew Wiggins Refuses To Get COVID Vaccine Ahead Of NBA 2022 Season

The Golden State Warriors’ starting forward has refused to get vaccinated despite having a doctor explain to him the benefits of the shots. While its believed that the NBA will be providing Wiggins with a religious pass to not get vaccinated, the city of San Francisco is all set to override it.

Wiggins had earlier in March stated that he would not be getting vaccinated unless forced to. And the player looks set to stick to his stand, one which looks set to render him out of action for San Francisco’s home games in Chase Center.

Elsewhere, Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving has also not taken his vaccine till now with the player set to miss out on the club’s opening home games owing to the mandate issued in New York City.

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