Six Nations rugby 2023 bonus points system explained and point rules

Six Nations rugby 2023 bonus points system explained and point rules

What is the operation of the 2023 Six Nations bonus points system and the point rules explained

After the 2023 championships began on February 4th, 2023, let’s find out.

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy, and France will compete in the 2023 Six Nations during the following six weeks. The current champions, France, will play Italy in their opening match on Sunday, February 5, in an effort to retain their title.

Ireland prevailed 34-10 over Wales in the opening round of this year’s competition. In the meanwhile, Scotland and England square off at Twickenham, where new head coach Steve Borthwick hopes to get the championships underway with a victory.


Six Nations 2023 bonus points system explained and point rules

Explained: 2023 Six Nations Bonus Points System

Teams receive four points for a win and two points for a draw in several rugby events, including the Six Nations. The Six Nations, though, have a bonus points system in place, which makes things a little trickier than that. The Six Nations has a bonus point system where teams that score four or more tries are awarded an additional bonus point in order to promote offensive rugby and more tries per game.

If the losing team loses by eight points or less, they can additionally receive an additional bonus point. In an effort to reduce cricket scorelines and reward closer games, the bonus points system was first used in the 2017 Six Nations. 

It was put into practice after doing well.

To Win The Game, How Many Points Are Needed?

For any new rugby lovers out there, let’s start with the fundamentals. Teams receive four points for a victory, two for a draw, and zero for a defeat. In the Six Nations, a victorious team can score a maximum of five points (four for a win, and one bonus point for four or more tries).


A team will receive three points if they draw a game but score four or more tries (two for a draw and a bonus point for the tries). A team can receive two points if they lose a game by eight points or less and manage to score four or more tries.

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