Director K Viswanath family, wife, children, son and daughter

Director K Viswanath family, wife, children, son and daughter

K Viswanath died two days ago in the Hyderabad Hospital on February 2, 2023, know about his children, son and daughter

Since his demise, fans are eagerly awaiting to know more about the late actor-director’s son, Nagendranath Viswanath, and his family.

Who Is K Viswanath Son Nagendranath Viswanath? Family Tree And Death Cause

K Viswanth studied till intermediate at the Hindu College in Guntur and graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Andhra University. Viswanath started working as a sound designer at Vahini Studios in Chennai after he finished his education.

Viswanath entered the industry in 1965 with Atma Gauravam and went on to helm a number of fantastic films. Since the middle of the 1960s, he has directed more than 50 movies. Some of his best-known films, which are all regarded as classics in Telugu cinema history, were Sirisiri Muvva, Shakarabharanam, Siiri Vennela, and many others.

One of the filmmakers who were successful in popularising Telugu cinema was K Viswanath. Sankarabharanam is a crucial film in his life. It was also his breakout movie. 

In his films over the course of a six-decade career, the director covered problems such as the caste system, disabilities, untouchability, gender discrimination, dowry, and socioeconomic challenges.

Director K Viswanath family, wife, children, son, daughter

One daughter and two sons made up K Vishwanath’s proud family of three kids. His sons are Nagendranath and Ravindranath Viswanath, and his daughter is Padmavati Viswanath. He was married to Jaya Lakshmi.


The oldest son of the director is Nagendranath Viswanth. His son, Nagendranath, graduated from Andhra University in Visakhapatnam. His boys and daughter are unknown to us beyond this.

We hope that K Viswanath’s children would be able to battle their way out of this agony because we saw them grieving their father’s departure.

Family Tree of K Viswanath

The mother of K Viswanath is named Kasinadhuni Saraswatamma, and the father is Kasinadhuni Subrahmanyam.

The performers Chandra Mohan, S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, and S. P. Sailaja were all relatives of Viswanath.


K Viswanath’s Cause of Death

Actor-director K Viswanath passed away on Thursday at a Hyderabad private hospital as a result of age-related issues. The loss of the legendary director has shocked and upset the entire world. Several well-known professionals from the field instantly posted condolences to the late director on social media.

Many well-known performers sent their heartfelt condolences to Viswanath’s family because he was the guru of the entertainment business. “We are deeply saddened by the passing of Sri K Viswanath Guru,” the famous Malayalam speaker Mammotty said.


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