Momar Sakanoko Story and biography, NBA Prospect Who Turned Professional Career Down For Entrepreneurship

Momar Sakanoko Story and biography, NBA Prospect Who Turned Professional Career Down For Entrepreneurship

Momar Sakanoko, a vibrant and ambitious teenager who was working his tail off in basketball in the hopes of becoming the next Kobe Bryant or LeBron James, two of the NBA’s great players is now a sports agent

As sports tradition dictates, successors to great, legendary players will always exist; similarly to how LeBron James replaced Michael Jordan as the face of the NBA, the ambitious teenager was working hard to match his idols’ record as the NBA’s next great player in line.

“I was inspired by Kobe Bryant’s hardworking mentality and how LeBron James plays the game,” he said.

Momar Sakanoko Story And Biography

Born in Paris, France, on May 27, 1998, Momar Sakanoko had the opportunity to excel in basketball because of his sister Ndeye and uncle Abdou Ndiaye, both of whom were former professional basketball players.

The talented teenager set out at eight, following in his family’s footsteps, intending to write his name among NBA’s great players, and he was working tirelessly to achieve that.

He started his career as a point guard due to his 5.1m height and developed some incredibly skillful games playing in the position before switching to different areas after gaining 6.7m in height, which helped him gain much attention from scouts and pro clubs.

Early career

After a series of practices, Momar Sakanoko was accepted into the Metropolitans 92 academy, a professional basketball club based in Levallois-Perret, France, where he played for the U13 and U15 teams.

Everything was falling into place for the incredibly talented youngster as he gained more international recognition, but he stayed at Metropolitans 92 to further his development.

His skill was quickly recognized internationally, just two years in Metropolitans 92, when Senegal, approached him to represent them at the U16 AfroBasket, a competition in which the African men’s national team competes.

For Sakanoko, everything was moving so fast as the AfroBasket helped him gain more international recognition. He declined offers from Real Madrid, Baskonia, Gran Canaria, and FC Barcelona youth academy to pursue his dream of playing in the United States.

The gifted and ambitious young man transferred from Metropolitans 92 to Wesley Christian, a basketball academy program based in Kentucky , ranked 10th in the country, as the United States is always regarded as the basketball powerhouse.

While at Wesley Christian, Sakanoko received NCAA scholarship offers from many schools owing to his incredible talent, including Dayton, Florida State, Stanford,  Ohio University, Howard University, Akron University, Cal Poly, and Boston College.

Dark career period 

Despite these offers, Sakanoko was ready for the senior stage as he moved ahead to sign his first professional contract after four productive years at Wesley Christian. He moved to Europe after graduating from high school at 18 and signed with Brno Basket in the Czech Republic, which he described as a wrong decision from his agent.

“Given that I was considering entering my name in the NBA draft, I ended up in a really racist country and was attacked multiple times after away games,” he explained.

He had been subjected to a barrage of abuse from fans at such a young age, a scenario that can jeopardize a career, prompting him to leave the club after four devastating months to join Fürstenfeld Panthers in Austria League, where he felt more at ease.


According to Sakanoko, most of his agency’s decisions were based on money, as they were unconcerned about his dream. He saw several opportunities that could have led him in the right direction, but his agency declined them, leading him to ask for contract termination.

“Athletes must be extremely cautious when hiring an agency to handle their career. There is a reason athletes like Mbappe and Griezmann don’t use agents and instead allow their families to manage their careers. Most agents are primarily business people who are uninterested in sports, which leads to poor decisions,” Sakanoko added.

“I went through it. I was signed by an agency that made decisions based on money rather than what was best for me. I didn’t have access to my club contract; they signed me to clubs based on a commission percentage rather than a real career plan; they took money from my sponsorship deals, which was not allowed under our player-agency contract; and there was no support when fans in the Czech Republic attacked me; I had to go myself and talk with the club directors to cut my contract.”

At Fürstenfeld Panthers Sakanoko had one of his best performances, averaging 21 points and four passes per game on six different occasions, which drew the attention of Argentines Bahia Basket, who purchased his contract.

Though Bahia Basket was happy with him, playing in South America had never been his dream, so he retired from basketball to start a management firm.

Scouts and his agent were taken aback when he announced his retirement. He was quickly becoming the most sought-after young player in the game, attracting interest from various NBA franchises. Sakanoko began a new chapter in his life when he build his own company to help other talents, “Be Great.”

The rise of “Be Great Company”

During Sakanoko’s time as a basketball player, he used his salary to fund a property rental system, in which he bought and rented properties with the help of his sister while using his sponsorship income to pay bills.


“We created a rental system in which we purchased houses, apartments, and parking spaces and rented them out to earn passive income while pursuing my professional career,” he said.

Being around his parents, who were high-end African investors who ran several businesses, was a significant benefit to his initiative, as he learned a lot from them.

“I have always been around entrepreneurs, as my parents are active investors and business owners in Africa, so I knew the importance of building something while keeping my basketball on track,” Sakanoko added.

He began with four properties and later added two more, earning $340,000 per year. The company quickly expanded to 47 properties and net revenue of $750,000 per year.

Because of the humiliation and ill-treatment he received from his agent, Mamor Sakanoko decided to start his agency, “Be Great” and prevent other talents worldwide from suffering such humiliation ha passed through.

The company is known for its full-service management, marketing, branding, and production firm. Be Great Company also collaborates with some of the world’s best sports talents, works with famous brands such as Nike and Puma, and organizes some of the world’s most significant events.

Be Great Company has made a name for itself on the European continent in recent years. It intends to be a top management company in the coming years aiming to defend talent rights and create a safe environment for them.


“I have seen myself used by an agent that did not care about my future, and I have seen how dirty the world of sports could be. I know my career could have taken another route If I was in another agency, and I know I am not the first nor the last to live in these situations.

“I wanted to create a platform where athletes and talents worldwide know that their path to success is safe and they are sure that they have people who have their best interests around them,” Sakanoko said when asked about his company’s aim.

Momar Sakanoko has kept his word since founding Be Great Company, protecting athletes who have crossed his path and ensuring their contracts are secure. He is very passionate about his job and has vowed to keep his promise to prevent other athletes from having negative experiences.

“Everything happens for a reason, and I’m grateful for everything basketball has brought into my life. I wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for the game, but I’m very passionate about what I’m doing now. This feels like it was meant for me, and now it’s time to pass it on to the next generation of talent. I transitioned from one passion to another, and Be Great company keeps me doing what I enjoy.”

Momar Sakanoko has put all efforts into protecting the interests of athletes becoming the youngest FIFA and NBA agent in history, making Be Great a go-to place for any top or young talent around the world.

The agency Company is expanding its service yearly to ensure that athletes’ rights and interests are well-protected.

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