What is the meaning of gardening on TikTok as slang goes viral

What is the meaning of gardening on TikTok as slang goes viral

Gardening on TikTok is a new slang trending on TikTok, have a look at its meaning

Find out more about it.

Every day, millions of people use the well-known short-form video software TikTok, which is influencing the development of a distinct slang language. Even with its stringent content control guidelines, authors and users frequently come up with coded phrases to talk about adult or forbidden subjects.

What is the meaning of gardening on TikTok explained as trend goes viral

Some notable examples include ‘304,’ which denotes a promiscuous lady, and ‘accountant,’ which is a covert euphemism for prostitution. Beyond mere verbal creativity, these creative slangs promote a feeling of camaraderie among users with the same interests and problems.

The latest addition to this intriguing TikTok dictionary is ‘gardening.’ It is a slang term that has gained a lot of traction on the platform in recent times. While the word may seem harmless, it’s actually a disguised way of talking about content that does not comply with TikTok’s rules.


However, despite its popularity, many people are still not aware of this slang’s actual meaning and its whereabouts. So, let’s find out more about them:

Gardening meaning on TikTok explained

If you come across the phrase “gardening” on TikTok, you may be surprised to learn that it sometimes alludes to smoking marijuana in a subdued manner.

According to this non-traditional vocabulary, a “garden” is a place set aside for cannabis use rather than a flower-growing plot. In the same way, a “gardener” isn’t someone who looks after plants; rather, it’s a person who smokes marijuana.


From where did this word originate?

Gardening on TikTok found its roots in November 2023, when user Natalie Benson (@notnataliebenson) introduced the term.

Benson, who was banned from her previous account for talking about marijuana, came up with the creative idea of “gardening” as a way around the platform’s stringent content policies, which specifically forbid talking about drug usage and other mature topics.


TikTok users, skilled at getting over these limitations, have embraced this coded communication style to participate in discussions that the platform’s watchful moderators could otherwise mark as inappropriate.

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