Who are Campbell Hunt and Jett Puckett of Atlanta GA viral Pookie couple on TikTok, bio, age, family, salary, net worth

Who are Campbell Hunt and Jett Puckett of Atlanta GA viral Pookie couple on TikTok, bio, age, family, salary, net worth

Viral TikTok duo Pookie couple includes Campbell Hunt and Jett Puckett, have a look at their age and net worth

Campbell and Jett Puckett from TikTok have gained widespread attention online, primarily due to Jett’s endearing nickname, ‘Pookie,’ for his wife Campbell. The Georgia-born couple has been actively producing videos for a number of years, but their endearing nickname is what really made them famous on the internet.

Who are Campbell and Jett Puckett of Atlanta GA viral Pookie couple on TikTok, bio, age, family, salary, net worth and Instagram

Their online audience closely followed the couple’s date night attire, which enthralled netizens and caused their popularity to skyrocket. A few days ago, Campbell posted a sneak peek of their most recent date night outfit on her social media accounts.

Showing off her synchronized outfit, she declared, “It’s date night.” Jett, who referred to her as “Pookie,” admired her ensemble and said,

“Saturday night. Going to our favorite steakhouse on the planet, and I gotta say Pookie looks absolutely fire tonight. Babe, I am just seeing your outfit for the first time. What are you wearing?”

This ritual of showcasing their stylish date night looks has become a signature feature of their content. A week earlier, in a video, Jett complimented Campbell once more, saying, “Pookie is looking particularly amazing tonight,” while showcasing an exquisite pink outfit.

The couple’s fans eagerly anticipate these glimpses into their romantic outings. The mystery surrounding their relationship was further heightened when Jett revealed that he had picked a different location for their most recent date night.

It’s obvious that the cute name “Pookie” has come to be associated with Campbell online, giving their online presence a charming and intimate feel. Since then, many people have been trying to find out more about Campbell and Jett Puckett. So, let’s find out everything about them:


Who are the Pookie couple, Campbell and Jett Puckett?

Campbell and Jett Puckett are the viral TikTok star couple affectionately known as ‘Pookie.’ They have a fascinating backstory that adds depth to their online persona.

Page Six claims that they first met in Philadelphia in 2015, which marked the start of their journey.

In 2015, Campbell—formerly Campbell Hunt—was employed as an American Airlines flight attendant, while Jett was completing graduate studies at the esteemed Wharton School. Eventually, in April 2018, the two Southern TikTok stars exchanged nuptials, starting an enchanted journey together.

Campbell and Jett met at a wine bar in Philadelphia when she was a flight attendant and he was a grad student and the couple got engaged just 10 months after they started dating and then tied the knot in April 2018. While they don’t have any kids together, they do have a pet bulldog named Pierre.

Know more about Campbell

In 2013, 31 year old Campbell, a graduate of the University of Mississippi, obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a marketing concentration. Subsequently, she worked as an intern at Factory PR and Southern Illinois University before beginning her job as a flight attendant.


Prior to her career as a flight attendant, Campbell interned at Southern Illinois University and Factory PR. She was also employed by ADP, IST Management, and PEP LLC as an account executive.

In 2017, Campbell made the switch to content production and started her blog, “You Should Wear That,” where she captivated readers with her fashion and lifestyle posts. Her dedicated followers on Instagram, totaling nearly 200K, attest to the widespread appeal of her creative endeavors.

Campbell Puckett is an Atlanta based fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogger.


Know more about Jett Puckett

Jett Puckett is the managing director of mergers and acquisitions at McLerran & Associates Practice Transitions at the moment. Throughout his career, he has held positions with Oak Dental Partners, ModusOne Health, H2C Securities Inc., and Citi.

Jett boasts an outstanding educational background, having earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics and political science from the University of Georgia, a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School, and a Juris Doctor from the University of Pennsylvania’s Carey Law School.

Following his undergraduate degree, Jett received a joint MBA and JD degree from the Wharton School and the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School and since graduating in 2016, Jett has worked consistently in investment banking, and is currently the managing director of mergers and acquisitions at McLerran and Associates Practice Transitions. This position is estimated to make anywhere from $236,000 to $423,000 a year.

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