Mauro Icardi, Wife Wanda Nara And Maxi Lopez History: Know The Scandal Involving The Trio

Mauro Icardi, Wife Wanda Nara And Maxi Lopez History: Know The Scandal Involving The Trio

Mauro Icardi is making headlines for the wrong reasons again, know all about his wife Wanda Nara’s post on Instagram and the history shared with Maxi Lopez

Wanda Nara has unfollowed husband Mauro Icardi after the Argentinian striker has been accused yet again for another illicit love affair. It’s quite clear by now that Icardi has major issues when it comes to commitment. His wife also went on to delete pictures of the pair from her Instagram profile and even put up a furious message on her story which said, “Another family you ruined for a s***.”

Mauro Icardi And Wife Wanda Nara Headed For Divorce

Even though Icardi’s name wasn’t specifically mentioned, it is assumed that the message was directed at the 28-year old PSG star. Wanda and Icardi have been married since 2014 and even have two children together, Francesca Icardi Nara and Isabella Icardi. Wanda has also been Icardi’s agent since they tied the knot in 2014, but it definitely looks like the pair might split up in the coming days. Let’s back up and take a look at where things started between Nara and Icardi.


Mauro Icardi and Maxi Lopez’s strained relationship history

Once upon a time, Icardi and Lopez were the closest of friends when both of them played together at Sampdoria. But it all changed over a woman, and her name was Wanda Nara. Could this story be any more dramatic?

It turns out that our boy Icardi had an affair with his buddy Maxi Lopez’s wife Wanda Nara at the time and wait a minute, it gets worse. The Argentinian striker and Nara went on to get married, with Icardi also getting tattoos of Lopez’s kids on his arm. Isn’t this just the most classic plot for a movie about best buds turned enemies?


So anyway, the two players met each other for the first time in a showdown when Inter Milan took on Sampdoria in 2014, in what was known as the infamous ‘Wanda Derby’. Both Icardi and Lopez refused to shake hands with each other before the match. That certainly was something to give to the fans who would have loved to see the two players get personal on the field.

Nara and Lopez soon split up after her affair with Icardi was uncovered. The two have been married for 7 and a half years now, but things are pointing towards their story coming to an end very soon.


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