La Liga 2021-22 COVID Cases, Rules, Fans Restrictions, Stadiums Capacity And Fans

La Liga 2021-22 COVID Cases, Rules, Fans Restrictions, Stadiums Capacity And Fans

As the Omicron variant of COVID-19 takes over Europe, La Liga have issued new guidelines and rules for clubs and fans in order to tackle the virus

Here’s all you need to know about which players have contracted the virus and what La Liga’s new rules say.

Real Madrid and Athletic Club are facing a hard time with some of their key players under quarantine after they tested positive for Covid-19. We saw the two clubs lock horns with each other on Thursday in which Los Blancos won 2-1 thanks to a brace from super striker Karim Benzema.

But a number of key players were missing from the squads of both the teams as they fell victim to the virus recently. Who are they? Let’s find out:


La Liga 2021-22 Players Who Have Tested Positive For Covid-19, Rules, Restrictions, Stadiums Fan Capacity

As per latest reports, Austrian captain/ defender David Alaba and Spanish midfielder Isco are the new sufferers to have joined the other Real Madrid players who are recovering from the virus at the moment. The six players are – Marco Asensio, Gareth Bale, Andriy Lunin, Marcelo, Rodrygo and Luka Modric, along with Davide Ancelotti, assistant coach and son of head coach Carlo Ancelotti.

The Athletic Bilbao squad will have Spain international duo Inigo Martinez and Unai Simon miss football action for a while since both of them have tested positive for the virus. Reserve keeper Jokin Ezkieta and winger Alex Berenguer have also gone into quarantine after contracting Covid. Both Real Madrid and Athletic will now be extra vigilant about their players’ health and will continue to monitor those under recovery currently.

New Rules, Testing And COVID Guidelines

The new rules suggest that players and staff (Segunda clubs included) have to take an antigen test every day, while they continue to take part in training and sporting activities. Prior to their return from the approaching Christmas break, the players are also supposed to take a PCR test.

Along with these rules, guidance and advice issued to the clubs include- avoid changing in changing rooms to limit contact, arrive at games or at training grounds having changed into your sports gear before itself, avoid showering in the stadium after the game, players and staff to maintain social distancing at all times. Players have also been advised to shower at their respective homes or hotels but this hasn’t been turned into a rule yet.


Keeping these rules and guidelines in mind, clubs will also come up with their own rules and guidelines to keep the virus away from their players and staff, while observing local guidelines. Regions can exercise full control when it comes to the duration of the isolation period for those players or staff members who test positive.

As of now, there is no restriction in stadiums for fans with full seating allowed.

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