F1 Managing Director Ross Brawn Biography, Age, Net Worth, Salary, Career, Family, House

F1 Managing Director Ross Brawn Biography, Age, Net Worth, Salary, Career, Family, House

Get up to speed with everything you must know about Ross Brawn who is one of the legends of Formula 1, his biography, career, age, life story, net worth and salary

Ross Brawn is a legend of F1 and is currently the managing director of Formula 1. He has spent most of his life around the grid and is one of the veterans in the sport. He earned experience by working as a milling machinist during the early years. Subsequently, Brawn joined motorsports in 1967 and has since made his way up in the food chain.

He has contributed to many Formula 1 teams but his most famous contribution came with Michael Schumacher with whom he delivered 7 Championship titles. Brawn is one of the most respected personalities on the grid and was part of the Ferrari dream team that secured 6 consecutive Championship titles.

Ross Brawn has 7 driver’s Championship and 7 constructor’s Championship titles under his resume and was renowned for his tactical prowess. He learned from the best in motorsports and has since come a long way.


Formula 1 Ross Brawn Biography, Age, Net Worth, Family Career

Born on 23 November 1954 and currently 67 years old, Brawn who was awarded the OBE is married to Jean Brawn and has Amy Smith and Helen Young as his children.

Brawn joined Formula 1 in 1991 as a technical director of the Benetton team and helped them secure 2 consecutive driver’s Championships. His tactical knowledge of the sport and dynamic race strategies earned him a move to Ferrari alongside Michael Schumacher. However, McLaren and Williams had a more superior car due to which a title for Schumacher was out of the question.

Subsequently, he was responsible for the rebuild of the team and Ferrari entrusted him with the technical director role. In 1999, Ferrari secured their much-needed constructor’s title which marked the beginning of their dominance in the sport.

He tuned the Ferrari car and installed some necessary tweaks in the chassis which enabled Ferrari to generate extraordinary pace and balance. Therefore, Michael Schumacher and Ferrari clinched 5 consecutive Formula 1 titles following which Ross Brawn decided to step down from the role and went on a sabbatical.


Prodigal Son Returns

Brawn came back in 2007 with Honda and became team principal followed by the complete buyout of the team by Ross Brawn. He then went on to sell his team Brawn GP to Mercedes and became team principal. However, he left the team in 2013 and took over the role of the managing director of Formula 1 in 2017.

Formula One Managing Director Ross Brawn Net Worth And Salary

Brawn spent 4 decades in motorsports during which he witnessed many ups and downs but mostly ups. He has a net worth of $150 Million which he has earned during the span of 40 years. He is married to Jean Brawn who supports him in all his endeavors.

His salary currently is set to stand at $400,000 per year.

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