Know Who Is Elisah Spencer, The 24 Year Old Who Attacked Seth Rollins, His Biography And Arrest

Know Who Is Elisah Spencer, The 24 Year Old Who Attacked Seth Rollins, His Biography And Arrest

WWE star Seth Rollins was recently ambushed by his fan post a WWE match at the Barclays Centre, know who is Elisah Spencer and his biography

The accused was caught soon after the attack took place.

Elisah Spencer is the one who has been accused of attacking WWE star Seth Rollins post his match in Barclays Centre. The match that resulted in this attack was the Monday Night Raw. The videos of this incident have resulted in a number of concerns related to the safety of WWE performers.

Who Is Elisah Spencer Who Attacked Seth Rollins At WWE Monday Night RAW And Biography

Elisah Spenser is a young guy aged 24 who was present at the Monday Night Raw. Spencer jumped through the guardrail to attack Seth Rollins. The entire chaos made by Spencer has been recorded and it is going viral all over Twitter these days. Elisah is a native of Brooklyn.

The videos are clear evidence of the nuisance created by this 24-year-old at the Monday Night Raw with Seth Rollins. Before jumping through the guardrail, Spencer took a complete sprinting start. The fan was entirely on Rollins and later on, he was removed with the help of guards, referees, and other crew members present over there.


He said he attacked Rollins after being scammed by a man of the same name online. Spencer continues to tell the police that he believes he was conned by Rollins.

Was Elisah Spencer Arrested?

Elisah Spencer has been arrested with assault charges along with disrupting charges during an ongoing live event. According to the statements given by WWE, Spencer will be prosecuted entirely to the extent of the law.

Also, WWE has added to their statement that nothing for them is more important than the safety of WWE players so that’s why they won’t take this incident lightly. According to the officials before this incident, Elisah hasn’t been arrested so far but this doesn’t mean that he will be eased this time.



Who Is WWE Wrestler Seth Rollins?

Seth Rollins aka Colby Daniel Lopez is a professional WWE star who hails from America and has garnered fans in millions. He is popularly known as The Architect and The Visionary by his fans and well-wishers. This 35 year old wrestler is 98 kg and is married to Becky Lynch since 2021.

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