Is There An Episode 9 Of Sonic Prime And Does It Have A Release Date

Is There An Episode 9 Of Sonic Prime And Does It Have A Release Date

Fans want to know when Sonic Prime Episode 9 will be available to everyone and if there is any release date

The first episode of this show got a lot of people interested, and they are now waiting to hear when episode 9 will be online.

Many of your fans are looking all over the Internet to learn as much as they can about you. Here, you can find out when new episodes of Sonic Prime will air, who will be in those episodes, which episodes have already aired, and how you can watch the whole series.

Is There An Episode 9 Of Sonic Prime, Does It Have A Release Date And Total Episodes

Sonic Prime Release Date And Plot

On Thursday, December 15, 2022, Sonic Prime made its way to Netflix. As Sonic fans know and love, the action-packed series starts with the blue hedgehog locked in a never-ending battle with the evil Dr. Eggman.


But the fight causes a universe-shattering event that brings together different versions of characters from all over the multiverse. Sonic will have to race across the Shatterverse to find new friends if he ever wants to save the friends he used to take for granted. This will be an adventure that will take Sonic many lifetimes to finish.

Total Episodes In The First Season Of Sonic Prime

There will be eight episodes in Season 1 of Sonic Prime. All eight episodes were dropped at once, so people could watch them whenever they had time. After the first episode, which was 43 minutes long, the other seven episodes range from 21 to 26 minutes.

The Eight Episodes From Sonic Prime

  • Episode 1: Shattered;
  • episode 2: The Yoke’s On You;
  • episode 3: Escape from  New Yoke;
  • Episode 4: Unwelcome to the Jungle;
  • Episode 5: Barking Up the Wrong Tree;
  • Episode 6: Situation: Grim
  • Episode 7:  It Takes One to No Place
  • Episode 8: There No “ARRGH” In “Team”

Where To Watch The First Season Of Sonic Prime

The first season will have eight episodes, the longest of which will be 40 minutes long. Each of the last seven episodes will last 20 minutes. But you can watch a preview of the first episode right now on the Sonic Speed Simulator on Roblox. New episodes are shown every 45 minutes.


Sonic wants to get back to Green Hill quickly from the strange worlds of the Shatterverse, so he looks for Tails, Rouge, Amy, and Knuckles. The only problem is that Sonic’s old friends had never heard of him in his new Shatter forms, which look, act, and have skills that are completely different from his old ones.

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