Is the ASUS ROG Ally handheld gaming console real or fake

Is the ASUS ROG Ally handheld gaming console real or fake

There may be more to Taiwanese company ASUS’s introduction of its handheld gaming ROG Ally console than initially appears

It might have been done on purpose to make the announcement on April 1.

On April 1st, numerous PC gaming and computer firms participated in the celebration by releasing “fresh new” goods that were entirely fictitious, as is customary in those industries.

Let’s take a step back and review the announcement one more before we get into the authenticity of the ROG Ally. According to the “official” product introduction video, the Ally is a portable gaming system that was created using the same design and construction principles as the Steam Deck. It goes without stating that its overall appearance and shape differ from that of the aforementioned Deck. of a portable PC like the OneXPlayer 2 and, obviously, the Steam Deck.

Is the ASUS ROG Ally handheld gaming console real or fake as it goes viral on Twitter

The information revealed in the teaser trailer is another category of information. Apparently, ASUS and AMD collaborated to create a unique APU for the ROG Ally. This is not something that just any business can boast about, not even in jest. As a result, there is some credibility provided. Yet, the film never discloses the APU’s specifications. Another claim is that the ROG Ally would purportedly run all of your PC games using ASUS’ Armory Crate app, which is a company-exclusive programme.


The portable ASUS ROG Ally console might be the real deal.

The handheld console’s ability to connect to the ROG XG Mobile eGPU, opening up the world of multiplayer on your living room Screen, is undoubtedly one of its key selling points. This is true also with the Flow series laptops from the Taiwan-based company.

It goes without saying that any “product” announcements made on April 1st should be taken in jest and with raucous laughter, just like with all April Fool’s jokes. There are several reasons for it, but we don’t think the ROG Ally is a joke product, to name a few.

It is a portable gaming console first. The idea of a portable gaming device with PC-level graphics has certainly gained more popularity since the release of the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck years later. The second is the mention of the unique APU and the information that Windows OS is used on it.

You’ll observe that no astounding specifications were released after the APU was revealed. The ROG Ally isn’t the first device to use the Microsoft-based operating system, either, aside from SteamOS on the Deck. In actuality, that has already been accomplished on a wide range of portable gaming systems, including the OneXPlayer 2, which was already mentioned, and all Ayaneo handhelds.

Lastly, even though the teaser uses terms like “ROG clever Cooling” and the exaggerated cooling performance it displays in the video, it’s not difficult for ASUS to make the cooling technology any smaller. Take ASUS’ own Flow X13 and Z13 models as examples once again. Although the latter is technically and functionally a tablet, ASUS was able to reduce the size of its twin cooling system to fit into the 13.3-inch form factor.


Finally, since this information is essentially hearsay at this moment, we had heard rumours before the ROG Ally film that ASUS was purportedly developing a portable gaming console. The two options that result from the release of this ROG Ally video on April 1st are as follows: The brand either launched it on that day on purpose to catch us off guard and off its scent, or it is a bogus product that ASUS will never, ever release. The latter indicates that it is effective.