Who is the girlfriend of rapper BTB Savage as he’s shot dead in viral Twitter video

Who is the girlfriend of rapper BTB Savage as he’s shot dead in viral Twitter video

Multiple reports indicate that someone killed Cleveland rapper BTB Savage on Thursday, March 30, near the River Oaks neighborhood in Houston, know about his girlfriend

The rapper, whose real name is Dominique Alexander Davis, was reportedly driving a white Mercedes when two people in a black Subaru vehicle attacked him.

The rapper’s social media posts, in which he bragged about what seemed to be the aftermath of him shooting an alleged home invader, have linked the incident to him. Pictures of the incident showed BTB Savage posing with his jewellery, with dried blood on the floor and multiple bullet holes in the door.

Who is the girlfriend of rapper BTB Savage shot dead in viral Twitter and Reddit video

BTB Savage had also talked about an alleged robbery and shooting in which his girlfriend was involved. In a YouTube interview with DJ Vlad, the late rapper talked about what happened.

BTB Savage’s fatal robbery: The details of the San Antonio incident revealed

When another rapper asked BTB Savage to work together, this happened. Even though BTB Savage didn’t want to, he let the unnamed rapper and his crew into his San Antonio home late at night.

But the Cleveland rapper got worried when he saw that the intruders’ friends were “I figured it was kind of weird they were looking around when they were walking into my crib.” he told DJ Vlad.


At gunpoint, BTB Savage and his girlfriend were told to give away his chain. When BTB Savage wrestled the attacker in an attempt to take his gun away and hurt his left arm in the process, the situation turned violent. During the fight, he told his girlfriend to shoot at the intruder. As one person shot the attacker, the other fired through the door that the rapper had already closed before the fight.

During the interview, BTB Savage talked about how he helped his girlfriend and son get to safety while hurting himself. As he told the story, he also called his girlfriend a “true gangster” without saying who she was with her identity not known.

Violence and responsibility in the rap industry

The incident has made people wonder if rap music glorifies violence and what the possible effects of that could be. BTB Savage’s social media posts showed that he supported a culture of violence and gun use, which is a common theme in the hip-hop world.


But some people say that it’s not fair to blame the rapper for his own death because no one deserves to die, no matter what they did. The incident also shows how dangerous it can be to work in the music business, where violence and crime are often glorified.

Music community mourns the loss of BTB Savage

BTB Savage’s death has also caused a lot of sadness in the music community. Many artists have taken to social media to share their condolences. The rapper’s fans have also expressed sadness and shock at his sudden death.


In conclusion, the death of BTB Savage has brought attention to the problem of violence in the rap industry and the possible risks that those who work in it face. The incident has also started a discussion about how violence is glorified in hip-hop and how artists need to be more careful about what they say. Above all, the event is a tragedy that has left a family and a community mourning the loss of a talented artist.

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