How much did Luton Town make in prize money and revenue for winning the Championship playoff final 2023

How much did Luton Town make in prize money and revenue for winning the Championship playoff final 2023

England’s second division heats up as two clubs compete against one another for a chance to advance to the Premier League, know the Championship final playoff 2023 prize money

While the Champions League final, which puts some of the world’s best teams against one another, may be the season’s high point in European football, it is not usually the most lucrative.

The Championship Play-Off Final at Wembley is the most lucrative game taking place away from the glare of the continent. The winning team will receive a spot in the Premier League, which comes with a host of advantages even though it is the second tier of English football.


With equal broadcast fees and merit-based awards ensuring a comparably fair distribution of the wealth, the teams that compete in England’s top division split billions of pounds in prize money.

How much did Luton Town FC make in prize money and revenue for winning the Championship playoff final 2023

Winning the Championship Play-Off Final and being promoted to the Premier League is seen as being worth hundreds of millions of pounds, while the value varies from season to season.

Depending on whether a promoted side can avoid rapid relegation, Deloitte predicted that winning the play-off final in 2020 may result in an increase in revenue of between £135 million ($167 million) and £265 million ($328 million).


Official statistics show that the 20 Premier League clubs split more than £2.5 billion ($3 billion) in television revenue during the 2020–21 campaign.

In addition, each club was guaranteed a minimum of £31.4 million ($38.9 million), £47.5 million ($58.8 million), and £5.9 million ($7.3 million) in central commercial payments, for a base sum of approximately £84.8 million ($105 million) per team, regardless of location.

As well as merit payments, which ranged from £1.7 million ($2.1 million) for last-place Sheffield United to £34.9 million ($43.2 million) for champions Manchester City, teams also got “facility fees” based on the number of broadcast games they participated in.


A team gains far higher purchasing power in the transfer market when they win the Championship Play-Off Final, catapulting them into that exclusive money pool.

How does Premier League ‘prize money’ work?

The compensation a Premier League team receives is based on both how well they do on the field and how frequently TV networks broadcast their games live.

For instance, Tottenham ended seventh in 2020–21, yet the team made a tiny bit more money overall than West Ham, who took sixth position. This is because, compared to the Hammers’ 22, Spurs took part in 25 live UK matches.

What are Parachute Payments?


The participating teams in the Premier League will still make a considerable profit even in the worst possible season.

In addition to receiving broadcast money for taking part in the competition, clubs that are demoted back to the Championship are given “Parachute Payments,” which are intended to effectively soften the fall into the second tier.

These payments are a portion of the equally split broadcast money, which steadily decreases over three years, from 55% to 45% and, if the club played in the Premier League for more than one season, to 20% in the third year.