Has Kapil Dev been kidnapped or arrested and is the video of him real or fake

Has Kapil Dev been kidnapped or arrested and is the video of him real or fake

On Monday, September 25, a small 0.07-second video clip took the internet by storm with many claiming Kapil Dev was either kidnapped or arrested

A person who resembled cricket legend Kapil Dev was manhandled and hauled away by two thugs in the swiftly spreading video. He had his hands tied and his mouth strapped.

Has Kapil Dev been kidnapped or arrested and is the video of him real or fake as it goes viral on Twitter

Gautam Gambhir, a former cricketer who is now a politician, posted the video on X as he worried about the captain of the World Cup-winning team. 

When posting the video, Gautam Gambhir asked if anyone else had seen it. He wrote with an emoji of crossed fingers, “I sincerely hope it’s not @therealkapildev and that Kapil Paaji is okay.” 

The Viral Kapil Dev Video- Real Or Fake?

A man wearing a bright blue t-shirt and checkered pants is seen being taken away by two thugs in the 0.07-second clip. The man, who resembles Kapil Dev, has a piece of fabric wrapped around his mouth and his wrists tied behind him. For a split second, the man turns around, showing his face. He gives the two men a hopeless expression as they drag him inside a run-down residence.


The popular video hasn’t received an official response, but many of its social media followers have asserted that it is nothing more than a promotional gimmick.

Social media users were quick to reply that no one falls for such acts now; meanwhile, some simply laughed it out.

A Similar Video Of Harsha Bhogle Disappearing From Live Instagram Interview

As soon as the video went viral, internet users flooded Gautam Gambhir’s page in the hopes that it was a publicity stunt like what happened with cricket pundit Harsha Bhogle the previous year.


A similar video of cricket pundit Harsha Bhogle abruptly disappearing while speaking to a sports portal through a video link surfaced in March 2022, which worried Netizens. 

On March 24, 2022, Harsha Bhogle was speaking to cricketsportwalkin during an Instagram live session when all of a sudden the camera looked to have fallen to the ground and a fuzzy image surfaced. However, as people began genuinely caring about him, it was ultimately discovered that it was just a publicity hoax gone bad.


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