Feminist Social Reformer Fatima Sheikh Life Biography, Jayanti, Google Doodle, Age, Birth Date

Feminist Social Reformer Fatima Sheikh Life Biography, Jayanti, Google Doodle, Age, Birth Date

Google celebrated the 191st birth anniversary of the famous, social reformer Fatima Sheikh with a Google doodle on the 9th of January, know her age, birth date, biography

Fatima Sheikh’s birthday is celebrated every year on this day that is 9th of January. All the reformers together opened an Indigenous Library for providing education to the young girls in the year 1848, Fatima was one among them.

Fatima Sheikh Feminist Social Reformer Birth Date, Age, Biography, Family

Fatima Sheikh was a well-known Indian educator and also a feminist icon in India. Fatima Sheikh is recognized as India’s first woman teacher from the Muslim religion. Fatima Sheikh was born on the 9th of January in the year 1831, she hailed from Pune, India.

Fatima Sheikh lived with her elder brother Usman and later they opened their home to reformers, including the Jyoti Rao and Savitri bai Phule, who were out from their houses for providing education to people of the lower castes like Scheduled Castes and other backward classes.

Fatima Sheikh’s Social Work

Fatima Sheikh with her many more social reformers including Jyotirao and Savitribai Phule, who co-founded the Indigenous Library in the year 1848 and have worked on education. It is considered one of India’s first schools for females/girls.


The famous educator Savitri bai Phule and Fatima Sheikh taught the marginalized Dalit and Muslim women and children. All these were denied for getting education based on their class, religion, or gender in the school.


Google Doodle For Fatima Sheikh On Her Jayanti

Recently, Google honoured her with a diligent Google doodle within a combination of white, blue and yellow colours that shows a glance of her life. The Goggle doodle shows an illustration of the famous Fatima Sheikh along with her two open books on the backside of the logo shown on Google doodle.

Fatima Sheik’s Movement And Work

Fatima Sheikh’s efforts offered equal education opportunities to all the lower castes people who came to be known as the Satyashodhak Samaj which was considered as a movement. Fatima Sheikh took the key and an active role under the movement by going door to door to express the importance of education and invite the lower caste people to learn in the Indigenous Library.


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