Valorant New Agent Neon Release Date, Abilities, Voice Actor, Latest Update, Gameplay

Valorant New Agent Neon Release Date, Abilities, Voice Actor, Latest Update, Gameplay

Riot Games has finally revealed their next Valorant agent Neon after a long wait and fans are more thrilled than ever to learn more about its release date and latest update

We have all you need to know about the agent’s kit, the release date, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about Agent 19 of Valorant, Neon.

Valorant New Agent Neon Release Date

Along with the highly anticipated Episode 4 Act 1 update, which is set to appear on January 10, 2022, Agent Neon is likely to join the current Valorant lineup a day or two after that.

Agent Neon Gameplay

Players holding tight angles will no longer feel safe once Neon is presented to the live servers, as evidenced by the first glances at her in Riot’s official gameplay trailer. She’ll cause havoc on both the attacking and defending sides of the battlefield, thanks to her nimble skill set that allows her to isolate adversaries or take over places quickly.

Agent Neon Abilities

While Riot Games has yet to publish Neon’s entire kit, we can glean a lot of information from the agent’s trailer, which was released yesterday.


Her signature skill appears to be the ability to dash and slide around the battlefield, catching adversaries off surprise. The slide is akin to Jett’s dash, which allows her to enter and exit fight at will.

Her second ability appears to be a concussion grenade, which she can use to eliminate choke points.

Her third ability appears to be ridiculously good at entering sites at first glance. She creates a wall on both sides of her, producing a tight tunnel that can be used to securely enter or escape an area, similar to Phoenix.

Neon’s ultimate allows her to discharge electricity from her fingertips, dealing significant damage to her opponents.


Valorant Agent Neon Voice Actor

Meet Vanille Velasquez, Valorant’s newest Duelist agent Neon’s Filipino voice actor.

Neon, the game’s new agent, was only recently revealed. This news was accompanied by a reveal trailer and a statement from the voice actor confirming her involvement with the game.

Velasquez has worked on a variety of projects in the past, including the Tagalog anime dub for Pandora in the Crimson Shell and the character Jelly in the PBS show Jelly, Ben & Pogo.

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