F1 supercomputer makes tight Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen 2023 title predictions

F1 supercomputer makes tight Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen 2023 title predictions

The world of Formula One (F1) racing is gearing up for an exciting and intense season in 2023, with the sport’s two biggest stars, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, set to battle it out once again for the championship title, know the winner predictions

The upcoming competition promises to be one of the closest yet, with both drivers showing impressive form in recent years and their respective teams, Mercedes and Red Bull Racing, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and performance.

F1 supercomputer makes tight Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen 2023 season title predictions

A new supercomputer has made predictions for the upcoming Formula One season, focusing on the highly-anticipated competition between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The Dutch driver has dominated the last two Drivers’ Championship titles and is expected to perform well again this year.


The supercomputer has analyzed all available data and predicts that Verstappen will come out on top once again, despite the efforts of all ten teams to improve their cars during the off-season. In the 2022 season, Verstappen won 15 out of 22 Grand Prix races and secured the title with four races left, leaving his rivals behind.

Preview of the 2nd round: 17-19 March Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix debuted on the F1 calendar in 2021, with the first race held at the newly built Jeddah Street Circuit. The circuit spans a length of 6.175km and features 27 turns, making it one of the most extended tracks on the F1 calendar. The race distance for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix is 308.75km, which is completed over a total of 50 laps. The track is known for its high-speed corners and long straights, making it a challenging and exciting circuit for drivers and fans alike.


The schedule for the F1 race weekend in Saudi Arabia typically includes four main events: free practice, qualifying, and the race itself. The free practice sessions are held on Friday and Saturday, with the first session starting at 16:30 on Friday and the second at 20:00 on the same day. The third and final free practice session is held on Saturday at 16:30, followed by qualifying at 20:00. Finally, the race takes place on Sunday at 8:00 p.m.

The second round of the 2023 F1 season is set to take place in Saudi Arabia from 17-19 March, and bookmakers in Canada are already calculating the odds for the race.

With sport betting Canada becoming increasingly popular, fans are sure to take advantage of the opportunity to place bets on the upcoming race using the best info available. The markets to bet on the winner of the season, each race, plus who’ll finish in the Podium and many other markets make F1 betting really exciting as it’s not all about guessing the winner of each race.

Formula 1 Odds: 2023 World Championship

Max Verstappen


Max Verstappen is currently the favorite to win the F1 championship in 2023, with odds of 1.60 on average in the decimal system. The Dutchman has proven himself a dominant force in recent years, winning the last two Drivers’ Championship titles and securing 15 out of 22 Grand Prix wins in the 2022 season.

With his team, Red Bull Racing, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and performance, it’s no surprise that Verstappen is the top pick for many fans and experts. His driving style, characterised by speed, precision, and aggression, has proven to be a winning formula in the highly competitive world of F1 racing.

Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton has odds of 22.0 on average and is another top contender for the 2023 F1 championship. The British driver has won seven Drivers’ Championship titles and has consistently been at the top of the F1 standings for over a decade. He and Michael Schumacher share the record for most World Drivers’ Championship titles. Hamilton has also broken a tonne of other records in the history of Formula One, including the most victories (103), pole positions (103) and podium finishes (191).

Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc is a dark horse contender for the 2023 F1 championship, with odds of 22.0 like Hamilton. The Monégasque driver has shown flashes of brilliance recently, winning two races in the 2022 season and finishing fourth in the Drivers’ Championship standings.

Final Words

With Max Verstappen presently the favorite to win the championship, the 2023 Formula One season is expected to be thrilling and contested. The F1 supercomputer has predicted the outcome of the highly anticipated race between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, but only time will tell who will prevail. With its demanding course and fierce competition, the 2017 race in Saudi Arabia looks spectacular for spectators.