Who is Largo Florida missing lawyer Steven Cozzi and his latest update

Who is Largo Florida missing lawyer Steven Cozzi and his latest update

Dr Tomasz Kosowski, a Florida plastic surgeon, was detained on Saturday, March 25 over Steven Cozzi who has gone missing, know if he’s found and his latest update

He was taken into custody in connection with the alleged homicide of Steven Cozzi, a lawyer last seen on Tuesday, March 21.

Who is Largo Florida missing lawyer Steven Cozzi, is he found and his latest update

Authorities claim that Dr Kosowski and Cozzi had a business disagreement before Cozzi disappeared. NBC Miami reports that even though Steven Cozzi’s body has not been discovered, detectives have said they have strong proof that Dr Tomasz Kosowski killed him. 

In addition to finding copious amounts of blood in his bathroom, investigators also found Cozzi’s phone, wallet, and keys in his law office.

Supposedly, Dr Tomasz Kosowski was present in the office when witnesses reported seeing a suspicious figure there, according to the authorities. Investigators said that after examining the plastic surgeon’s home, they discovered evidence that made them think he was the main suspect in the murder. Meanwhile, the nature of the evidence is still a mystery.

Dispute Over Insurance Billings

A disagreement about insurance billings may have been the driving force behind the alleged murder of Steven Cozzi.

In 2016, Dr Kosowski sued his former employer and co-workers at the Laufer Institute of Plastic Surgery, and the lawyer’s firm represented them. 


His lawsuit says that a woman working at the institute failed to submit claims for his insurance billings, which resulted in online criticism of him. He said that the inappropriate behaviour had actually ruined his career.

The 44-year-old Dr Kosowski opened his own practice in 2018. The Daily Beast reports that although Steven Cozzi works for the law firm involved in the lawsuit, Blanchard Law, it is not yet known whether he was personally involved in representing Laufer Institute. He was last seen at the Blanchard Law Office on Tuesday.


The victim’s mother, Lois Cozzi, made a statement about her son going missing. She said, “As a family, we are utterly terrified and frantic with worry about Steven’s abduction. We appreciate the hard work the Largo Police Department and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office put into trying to figure out what transpired.”

She further added, “The outpouring of support and compassion from those who know and love Steven has been a source of solace. We require data and information right now. Since early Tuesday morning (March 21), Steven has been missing.”

Michael Montgomery, the husband of Steven Cozzi, added that police suspect the attorney was killed. He said, “Today, our worst nightmares came true. My husband was taken away from me.”


The investigation is still being conducted. First-degree murder is the charge brought against Dr Tomasz Kowoski.

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